Top 10 Viton Gasket & Seal Manufacturers and Suppliers in China(2024)

Gaskets and seals have become an inevitable part of today's world, where every locomotive machine and factory needs them. From your car to the sanitary system installed in your house and any other industry, you need them everywhere. 

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The market demand for quality gaskets and seals has shown a sudden surge in the last few decades. However, the availability of mass manufacturers and suppliers makes it difficult for newbies in the field to get the right gaskets. 

In this article, we have enlisted the top ten manufacturers and suppliers of Viton Gasket and Seals in China. Read this article thoroughly to learn about how to select the best gasket and seal manufacturer to place an order.

An Overview of the Viton Gasket & Seal Industry

Gaskets and seals are vital components of any machine or industry that uses pipes or joints. They are used to seal the joints to avoid gas or liquid leakage. Viton is a premium material that is used to manufacture gaskets and seals. Due to the numerous benefits of Viton gaskets, people now prefer these over ordinary gaskets and seals for industrial purposes.

Viton Gaskets are well known for their heat resistance for temperatures ranging from 15° F to 400° F. However, these gaskets can also resist heat up to 500° F for some time. Industries where temperature fluctuations are common often go for Viton Gaskets, which are made from a fluoroelastomer.

The numerous advantages of Viton gaskets and seals over ordinary rubber gaskets resulted in a surge in market demand in the past decade. Moreover, studies show a deep upward spike in market demand for Viton Gaskets and seals in the next few years. 

Global Gaskets Market trend

Things to Consider When Choosing a Viton Gasket and Seal Manufacturer

How do I know if the manufacturer or supplier is worth my money? This is the most often asked question by people who have no prior experience in the market. With most businesses being online in today’s world, it is imperative to know the tactics and tricks so you can filter out the best manufacturers. Here are a few things you should consider when choosing a gasket manufacturer.

1. Customer Reviews

The best way to confirm whether a certain supplier or manufacturer is providing top-notch products or not is to peek into the customer review section. You can also ask other people on some social media platforms such as Reddit or Facebook. 

2. Materials

Now, ask the manufacturer about the materials they use in their products. You can also check this from their website. Only go for the manufacturers who use eco-friendly and high-quality materials. Also, see the variety of materials that the manufacturer offers.

3. Safety Measures

Make sure you work with a manufacturer who follows all the safety rules and regulations set by the relevant authorities. However, following safety measures will also be beneficial for you as you might save yourself from unexpected penalties by the government.

4. Technical Experience

Check the technical experience of the manufacturer in the relevant industry. You can also observe it by looking at the certifications earned by the manufacturer. Choosing a manufacturer with vast experience means you will get the product as per your demands.

Top Ten Viton Gasket and Seal Manufacturers In China

Here are the top ten Viton gasket and seal manufacturers from China, with the best one being at the top. Though they make Viton gaskets, some of these also offer a variety of other gaskets, such as metal gaskets, rubber gaskets, mechanical seals, semi-metallic gaskets, non-metallic gaskets, etc. 

PositionCompany NameYear FoundedLocation (City)Employee Size
1Hongju 1991Dongguan51-200
2Bright 2004Hangzhou51-200
3Techo 2006Ningbo51-200
4Shine 2010Ningbo10-50

Here is a table that shows some basic information about the companies, such as the year they were founded, the number of employees, and their location.

1. Hongju Silicone Co, Ltd.

Hongju Silicone Co, Ltd.

Hognju Silicone is the top manufacturer of Viton gaskets and seals in China and is offering its services throughout the world. The main focus of the company is to manufacture high-quality, cost-effective, and eco-friendly products with a long lifespan.

At Hongju Silicone, they use advanced machinery and techniques to craft the most effective and useful gaskets and seals that can withstand high temperatures and rough conditions. The company ensures that the Viton gasket material is vigorously tested for various conditions and materials before sending it to the customer. 

You can get the standard gaskets and seals anytime at the most affordable prices. However, for a customized order, you might have to wait a couple of weeks so you can get the exact product you want.


  • Offers a wide variety of silicone and Viton products
  • The products are available at the most competitive prices
  • Low MOQ (Minimum order quantity)
  • Environmental friendly products
  • Uses advanced machinery and techniques


  • Customized orders might take time to deliver
  • They may ask for additional delivery cost

2. Hangzhou Bright Rubber Plastic Product Co., Ltd.

Hangzhou Bright Rubber Plastic Product Co., Ltd

Bright Rubber Plastic is a gasket and seal manufacturer company located in the Zhejiang province of China, with 20 years of experience in the industry. The company is well known for its premium quality gaskets, seals, and other relevant products made from a variety of materials such as Viton, Silicone, Rubber, SBR, Nitrile, etc.

The company claims that the quality of its material is certified by top authorities and that they are compliant with FDA, ROHS, REACH, NSF, UL94, and FMVSS302. Moreover, it provides a wide variety of products, including molded rubber parts, Injection plastic parts, Extrusion plastic parts, PVC dipping, mechanical seal, Extrusion silicone tubes/strips, silicone sponge tubes, Rubber sponge parts, and much more.

Bright Rubber Plastic has also been exceptional in manufacturing gaskets and seals for automotive companies such as GM, Ford, Renault, and Honda. The professional knowledge and wide experience of the staff at the company are also positive aspects of this company. 


  • Offers a wide range of products
  • Worked with well-known automotive companies
  • Latest machinery and expert workers
  • Uses premium materials in manufacturing
  • Cooperative staff


  • 20 years of experience might not be enough for some customers
  • Prices might be higher than expected

3. Ningbo Techo Sealing Gasket Co., Ltd.

Ningbo Techo Sealing Gasket Co., Ltd

The third company on our list of the best Viton Gasket manufacturers is Techo Sealing Gasket Co., Ltd. The company has been offering its services since 2006 seamlessly throughout China and various other countries. The company was accredited by ISO in 2008 with the ISO9001 certification. 

Techo holds a top place in manufacturing sealing products that are not limited to gaskets and seals only but also include a variety of other products. Moreover, the company offers exceptional customer and technical support in case of any problem. You can also order a custom sealing product as per your requirements.

When it comes to technology, Ningbo Techo Sealing Gasket is equipped with the latest machinery in the industry. The wide range of products offered by the company includes  Ring joint gaskets, Flat gaskets, Viton Gaskets, Laminated gaskets, Metal clad gaskets, Ring Joint Gaskets, custom gaskets, Spiral Wound Gaskets, Gasket Sheets, etc. 


  • Offers technical advice and troubleshooting problems
  • A wide range of customized products
  • The quality of the materials is top-notch
  • Certified by global authorities for their quality


  • Only offers sealing products
  • Some people might not be satisfied with 18 years of experience

4. Shine Sealing Material Co., Ltd.

Shine Sealing Material Co,. Ltd

Shine is another leading sealing gasket manufacturing company located in the city of Ningbo. The company has been offering its services since 2010 and has exported products to regions like Europe, Central Asia, etc. Shine’s wide range of products also includes Viton gaskets and seals, which you are probably looking for.

The company ensures the use of the most advanced technology and formulas along with high-quality materials in the manufacturing of its products. Due to the quality of their products, companies from the aerospace industry or chemicals and mining are their regular customers. Their main products include Ring Joint Gasts, PTFE Gaskets, Synthetic Fiber Rubber Gaskets, Gasket sheets, Kammprofile Gaskets, and Braided Compression Packing.


  • Premium quality materials
  • Customer satisfaction is their top priority
  • Competitive prices
  • Specializes in gasket manufacturing


  • Customized orders might take time
  • Extra delivery charges

5. Hebei Jinwo Machinery Technology Co., Ltd.

Hebei Jinwo Machinery Technology Co., Ltd.

Also known as Jinwoseal, Hebei Jinwo Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. is another prominent seals and gasket manufacturer. However, the company specializes in producing different auto parts such as flexible pipes, clamps, oil seals, mufflers, exhaust parts, and gaskets. With over 10000 active customers throughout the globe, Jinwo is one of the major companies in China.

It is the company’s approach that makes it stand out of the crowd. The company is committed to innovation and excellence and regularly tests its products and experiments with new techniques and materials. Moreover, Jinwoseal is equipped with the latest technology in the industry and manufactures products with high precision and accuracy.


  • Specializes in gasket and seal manufacturing
  • 10000 active customers
  • Offers a variety of sealing products
  • Uses advanced technology and machinery
  • Offers OEM and ODM services all over the world


  • You must compare the prices with other companies
  • Delivery might take time

6. Ningbo Kaxite Sealing Materials Co., Ltd.

 Ningbo Kaxite Sealing Materials Co., Ltd.

Ningbo Kaxite Sealing Materials Co., Ltd. is a certified seal and gasket manufacturing company located in Ningbo. The company excels in manufacturing high-quality gaskets and seals that can withstand temperature fluctuations, hence making it an excellent choice for companies where equipment failure is not an option. 

The company’s vision is to understand the unique requirements of its valued customers and then go above and beyond its customer’s expectations. The customer support team not only guides the clients but also gives them valuable advice that proves very useful. The long list of products offered by Kaxite includes braided gland packing, expansion joints, gasket sheet materials, gaskets, cut gaskets, PTFE products, heat insulation material, and sight glass.


  • Offers a wide range of sealing products
  • Almost 30 years of experience
  • The products are available at competitive prices
  • Offers premium quality products


  • The company’s website is not up to date and lacks information
  • Delivery might take longer than expected

7. Yangzhong Zhongli Rubber and Ptfe Products Co., Ltd.

 Yangzhong Zhongli Rubber and Ptfe Products Co., Ltd.

Zhongli offers premium quality sealing products such as gaskets and seals made from a variety of materials, including Viton, rubber, PTFE, etc. The quality of the materials ensures the products can withstand high temperatures and corrosive chemicals. 

For the past 24 years, Zhongli has been offering its products all over China and even abroad, such as to the United States, Mexico, South Korea, Germany, etc. Zhonglyi offers a very low MOQ of only 100 products with a mission to help young entrepreneurs establish their new businesses. 


  • Low MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity)
  • Premium quality materials
  • Exceptional customer care
  • Expert workers 
  • ISO Certified


  • The prices are not fixed (you have to haggle or negotiate)
  • The products are not eco-friendly

8. Shone Rubber

Shone Rubber

Shone Rubber is a top-notch manufacturer of rubber products in China. The company specializes in producing a variety of products, such as rubber mats, synthetic rubber products, Viton rubber, Silicone rubber sheets, skirtboard, and rubber floors.

Shone rubber thrives for excellence and uses advanced technology for various molding and cutting processes. Moreover, the company never compromises on quality and claims to have very strict quality control laws that are strictly followed.


  • Uses high-quality materials
  • Certified by relevant authorities
  • Offers a variety of rubber products


  • Payment procedures are not mentioned on the website
  • Delivery may take longer than expected

9. Bandak Sealing Material Co., Ltd.

Bandak Sealing Material Co., Ltd

Bandak is also a leading manufacturer of gaskets and sealing products. The company has two production bases to ensure the fast manufacturing of the products ordered. Moreover, they have more than 50 expert professionals, along with a team of sales professionals.

Bandak is manufacturing over 800 pieces of products per day with a monthly usage of 2 tons of rubber and other materials. The company is currently exporting its products to 90 different countries while accepting both OEM and ODM orders.


  • Accepts OEM and ODM orders
  • Expert workers
  • Two production bases
  • Global customers
  • High-quality materials


  • Prices might not be very affordable
  • International delivery might take up to 25 days

10. Cixi Heroos Sealing Materials Co., Ltd.

Cixi Heroos Sealing Materials Co., Ltd.

Last but not least, Heroos Sealing Materials is a well-known company in Cixi, China. The company claims to have over 260 international clients and is currently offering its products in more than 60 countries.

Heroos has a reputation for manufacturing top-notch sealing products using materials of the highest order. The company is flexible towards the customer’s requirements and can manufacture the best product according to the client’s needs.


  • Reputation for quality 
  • Delivers to over 60 countries
  • Accepts custom orders
  • Uses premium quality materials
  • skilled workers


  • Pricing might not be competitive
  • All products are not eco-friendly


Gaskets and seals are not something you can keep replacing. Once installed, you expect them to survive as long as possible. The companies mentioned above are the ones well-known for manufacturing high-quality gaskets and seals that can survive under the toughest conditions. Moreover, you can also search for other companies and filter out the best ones using the tips shared above in the article.

Get Top-Of-The-Line Viton Gaskets & Seals From Hongju

Your quest for high-quality Viton gaskets and seals ends with Hongju Silicone. With a reputation for producing top-notch products and a proven experience of going beyond customer’s expectations, you can trust Hongju with your products. The experienced staff at Hongju is always ready to offer you the best advice. Moreover, you can share your ideas with the team and get the product of your dreams.

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