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ffkm o rings & seals

6 Reasons for Choosing FFKM O-Rings & Seals

The demand for FFKM O-rings & seals has risen steadily in recent years. This is despite their rising prices and low availability. Although these seals and o-rings are some of the most expensive today, they have proven indispensable in many critical applications.

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ffkm vs fkm (1)

FFKM VS FKM: What  Is the Difference?

High-performance elastomers are a necessity in critical sealing applications. They are needed in many industries including chemical processing, drug manufacturing, and aerospace. Although many elastomers are considered high-performance, FFKM and FKM are a cut above the rest.

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fire resistant plastics

What are Fire-Resistant Plastics and their Benefits?

Today, fire-resistant plastics offer an effective solution to decrease fire-related destruction by slowing fire spread. Thanks to their flame-fighting capabilities, they’re becoming the top choice in manufacturing industries ranging from everyday household appliances to heavy machinery.

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7 types of plastics

7 Types of Plastics that You Need to Know

Plastic comes in different colors, shapes, and types. Although identified as a uniform matter, there are seven types of plastic materials, each having a uniqueness. Some are easy to recycle while some are not ideal for recycling. Even out of these types of plastic, some are reusable while some are for single use.

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5 technologies for plastic molding

Which Plastic Molding Technology is Right for Your Product?

Technology is progressing so are the methods of plastic molding. Several plastic injection molding technologies can bring your ideas into real shape, but selecting the right one is challenging. Each technique has advantages and drawbacks like toughness, suitable implementation, etc. Carefully choosing the right process can greatly impact the end product’s “cost,” “quality,” and “durability.”

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FFKM Rubber

FFKM Rubber: The Definitive Guide

Perfluoroelastomer or FFKM rubber is the highest echelon of rubber materials, offering unparalleled resistance to extreme temperatures, chemicals, and wear. Its exceptional durability and performance in the most demanding environments make it an indispensable resource in the aerospace and pharmaceutical industries.

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plastics in construction

The Uses of Plastic in Building Construction

Plastic may sound like a material that is not suitable for building construction. You may think of it like the plastic bags that are often discarded and cause harm to the environment. However, plastic has proven to be a versatile and valuable material in the construction industry. It is becoming popular in building construction because of its many uses and benefits.

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butyl rubber

Butyl Rubber: The Definitive Guide

Only a few substances possess versatility and resilience among industrial materials. One is butyl rubber, known for its extensive usage in the automotive, pharmaceutical, and food industries. In addition to its use in automobile components, its adaptability finds uses in everything from footwear to equipment used in chemical processing.

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pvc vs. rubber which one to choose

PVC vs. Rubber: Which One to Choose?

Rubber and Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) are versatile materials due to their innovative properties. Rubber is known for its flexibility, durability, and chemical resistance. These qualities make it the best choice for various applications, like automotive parts. On the other hand, PVC is affordable, lightweight, and corrosion-resistant. It is best for making pipes and electrical insulation. 

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plastic extrusion

What is Plastic Extrusion and How it Works?

Are you interested in learning about plastic extrusion? The plastic extrusion process shapes molten plastic like pipes, films, and sheets at high volume with excellent consistency and versatility. Its adaptability to different plastic types and desired shapes makes it a winner in today’s manufacturing world. Plastic extrusion further excels in using various methods like continuous and intermittent extrusion to help in creating different shapes.

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