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Hongju is an innovative rubber feet manufacturer and wholesaler in China. We design and produce all kinds of flat self-adhesive rubber feet, rubber bumper feet, rubber feet pads, heavy-duty rubber feet, and clear rubber feet for electronics, furniture, and other small appliances.

We understand that making custom rubber feet and ferrules is not easy, so we offer advice throughout the process. Our 20 years of experience will guarantee you get a product at competitive prices with quick lead times to ensure your satisfaction!

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Rubber Feet Wholesale: Why Choose Hongju?

We’re a rubber feet manufacturer committed to creating the finest quality products for our valued customers. We have been in business since 1999 and are dedicated to meeting all your needs!


Rubber feet are an essential accessory, and they have a wide range of applications. At Hongju, we use high-quality silicone and rubber materials to ensure that our rubber feet are excellent quality and odorless. We control by machine and manual to ensure the accuracy of the adhesive backing.

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Some of the Custom Rubber Feet We Made

You can’t find a better source for high-quality custom rubber feet than us. We’re confident that our vast experience will make your design come to life as though you had invented it yourself!

We take pride in providing quality products that exceed customer expectations.

We go through several processes, from raw material transportation to finished rubber feet production. As a result, we guarantee 100% qualification of every batch leaving our factory!

We can always assist you with designing new rubber feet, or if there is something specific that we should know about your current project and needs.

We have extensive experience in both production & design so saving time/cost will be easy for us!

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Adhesive Rubber Feet
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Rounded Adhesive Rubber Feet
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Square Rubber Feet
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Screw Mount Rubber Feet

Custom Rubber Feet Manufacturing Process

We use a molding or stamping process to produce rubber feet depending on the shape and size. Stamping is primarily used to make simple styles; molded is generally used to produce complex shapes.


Rubber Feet Design

Designing the rubber feet is a key step in production. Our design department can help if needed!


Making The Tool

Once the rubber feet design has been confirmed, we should use CNC milling machines and electrical discharge machinists to fabricate our tools.


Mixing and Matching Colors

Before manufacturing rubber feet, we need to mix the material to the desired color or purchase the silicone material that meets our needs.


Molding or Stamping

By molding or stamping, we can get the rubber feet we need.


Adhesive Backing

Adhesive Backing is a very important part of rubber feet, it is vital for the future use of rubber feet


Inspection and Shipping

We will inspect all of our rubber feet to ensure they are 100% approved before shipping them to you.

Estimated Manufacturing and Shipping Time

We have a lot of experience in production and shipping, which means we can easily handle your orders. You won’t face any out-of-stock disruptions thanks to our efficient processes!

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rubber feet mould pressing
rubber feet manufacturing

Tooling Time

Depending on different rubber feet, stamping molds usually take 3-5 days. And pressing mold will take 7-10 days.

Manufacturing Time

The manufacturing time for rubber feet is 7-10 days after the mold is ready.

Test and Packaging Time

Depending on the order quantity of rubber feet, we will need 1-2 days for inspection and packaging.

Shipping Time

Transit time for your order is about 5-7 days when shipped by air or 10-30 days if sent over the sea.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some frequently asked questions regarding rubber feet. Nevertheless, every order is a little different, so don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.

What is your minimum order quantity (MOQ) for custom-made rubber feet?

We don’t have specific MOQ requirements for standard materials rubber feet. As a result, you can make as many items to meet your needs without having too much inventory! However, if special types of material are needed then the minimum order quantities may be different though – talk with us about what would work best before ordering so that we may provide accurate pricing and other considerations necessary when setting up production runs

Rubber or Silicone: Which material is better?

Silicone usually is a little better than rubber. The adhesion between silicone and glue is better, and the range of application is more expansive.

Can you produce colored rubber feet?

Yes, we can produce the colored rubber feet according to Pantone Color Number. Or you can also send us a sample for reference.

How do I get a quote?

You can contact us by sending an inquiry. Let us know what type of rubber feet you need and what materials you prefer. If you would like to send us your 2D/3D design, please email us at We will contact you shortly with a quotation.

Can I get samples of my rubber feet?

We’re happy to provide you with samples of our products before an entire bulk order is sent. Samples usually take 3-5 workdays, but if needed we can get them done quicker for your convenience!

What kind of glue do you use for the rubber feet?

We use eco-friendly adhesives that are safe for your applications. Our team will help you decide which glue is best suited to the environment where it’ll be used, or if there’s anything in particular on which type of surface needs attention – Talk to us!

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