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Hongju is one of the leading custom O-ring manufacturers and Wholesalers in China. We produce high-quality silicone rubber O-rings and high-temperature O-ring seals for engines, pumps, cylinders, connectors, valves, etc.

We have an o-ring and seal inventory for most standard sizes and can also offer custom-made O-rings for your specific needs.


Wholesale O-rings: Why Choose Hongju?

As a leading O-ring manufacturer and wholesaler in China, Hongju is always dedicated to providing innovative O-ring products for our customers with excellent services.


O rings are the most widely used seal in the industry because they offer fantastic value. They’re both inexpensive and very effective! You can use them for static or dynamic applications – so if you need a specific type of o-ring, ask us what material it’s made from before buying yours today!.

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Custom Silicone and Rubber O-ring Seals We Made

With over 20 years of experience in design and production, we can design and produce specific o-rings for you to meet your requirements.

O-ring is a very common but important accessory, widely used for sealing various products and parts, which needs strong resistance to water, oil, and high temperature. Hongju has been using high-quality raw materials and precision molds to produce our O-ring to meet various extreme use environments.

Hongju is a one-stop-shop for all your sealing needs. With our wide selection of stock items at wholesale prices, along with customization capabilities that will make any product you need custom made just the way it suits YOUR purposes – there’s no limit to what we can do!

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Custom O-ring Manufacturing Process

We’re committed to delivering high-quality O-ring products that meet your requirements. With strict quality control over the production process, you can rest assured knowing we’ll consistently deliver what’s promised!


O-ring Design

Our design department can assist with any designs needed to create an exceptional product for you!


Making The Tool

After the O-ring design is confirmed, we will make the mold with CNC milling machines.


Mixing and Matching Colors

If you need an O-ring with specific colors, we need to mix the silicone rubber in advance.


Compression Molding

All the O-ring seals are made with compression molding to ensure the accuracy of the product.


Quality Inspection

We use both manual and machine testing of all products to ensure they meet your requirements.


Packaging and Shipping

All the O-ring seals will be packed according to your requirements and shipped.

Estimated Manufacturing and Shipping Time

Importing O-ring products from a Chinese manufacturer does not take a long time, here is the time required for production and shipping for your reference.


Tooling Time

O-ring tooling usually is fast. 5-7 days will be enough.

Manufacturing Time

Depending on the quantity, manufacturing takes between 7 and 10 days.

Test and Packaging Time

Depending on the packaging and testing requirements, we usually take 2-3 days to complete.

Transit Time

Depending on where you reside, air shipping usually takes 5-7 days and ocean shipping takes 10-30 days.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most common questions about O-rings and their answers. However, every order is different, so don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any more inquiries!

What is an O-ring?

The o-ring is a type of gasket that can be found in most machinery worldwide. It’s easily manufactured, inexpensive, and dependable, making it one if not the most common seals used for various applications, both static and dynamic ones which make this little donut-shaped helpful piece!

What is O-ring material?

The material depends on your application. You can tell us the use environment, such as the use temperature, exposure to gases, liquids, etc. We will recommend the suitable material.

What is the difference between a gasket and an O-ring?

Gaskets and O-rings are both pieces of flat material that can be used to make a seal between two surfaces. The difference lies in where they go; for example, a gasket goes on one side while an o ring resides inside the other end with no gap.

What is the hardness of your O-ring seals?

The tolerance of hardness is plus or minus 3-5A. You can tell the hardness you want. And if you are unsure, we can recommend the proper hardness according to your usage and size and send you 3 different hardness samples to test.

What are the tolerances of your O-rings?

All dimensions and tolerances for our O-ring seals are strictly following ISO3601 standards. We can meet your requirements if you have special needs by redesigning the mold. 

Can you use liquid silicone rubber to produce O-ring?

Yes, we can use liquid silicone rubber to produce O-ring products according to your requirements. We source silicone rubber raw materials from outside to make our products so that we can use any material for your specific needs.

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