6 Benefits of Using Silicone Rubber Keypads

There are many benefits to using silicone rubber keypads in your next project. In this blog post, we will explore six of the most important reasons why you should consider using silicone rubber keypads in your next design. Keep reading to learn more!

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Keypads are an essential component of any electronic device. They allow users to issue commands to a gadget by keying in the instructions.

There are different types of keypads on the market, ranging from plastic and silicone rubber to UV and membrane keypads. With the variety of options available, you must select the right keypad for your needs. After all, your chosen switching solution will directly impact your device’s look, feel, and functionality. This is because the different types of keypads will vary in design flexibility, cost, and durability.  

What is a silicone rubber keypad?

A silicone rubber keypad is an electrical switch designed using silicone rubber. It is typically used in both industrial and consumer electronic devices.

Also referred to as elastomeric keypads, silicone rubber keypads are made through compression molding. This involves the placement and heating of pre-cured silicone rubber. Typical applications of this keypad solution include televisions, remote controls, calculators, digital locks, video game consoles, and kids’ toys.

silicone rubber keypads

Benefits of Using Silicone Rubber Keypads

Now that we’re more familiar with this switching solution, let’s look at its numerous benefits. 

Safeguards equipment from dust and moisture

Both moisture and debris can be destructive when it comes to electronic devices. To extend the lifespan of your equipment, you’ll therefore need to opt for dustproof and waterproof components where possible. 

The membrane in a silicone rubber keypad will effectively hinder the entry of moisture, dust, and particles. Elastomeric keypads are an excellent choice in environments where dust and moisture are concerned. 

They are comfortable to use

Many users will not enjoy working with tough keypads that do not feel nice to the touch. Fortunately, this is not a concern with silicone rubber keypads. 

This type of keypad consists of soft and smooth keys that are enjoyable to click. With silicone rubber’s comfort offered, this material is a top choice for ergonomic keypads.  

Highly durable

silicone rubber keypads

An essential factor to consider when selecting a keypad is its durability and resilience.  Silicone rubber keypads are incredibly durable and resistant. This will, in turn, boost the lifespan of your equipment, giving you more value for your money. 

Let’s look at some features that make this material highly durable. 

  • Heat and cold resistance

Silicone rubber can withstand extreme cold and heat. This property is beneficial for engineering keypads, as extreme temperatures may be involved in these projects. 

  • Abrasion resistance

Using a keypad involves continuously pressing the keys daily. Therefore, it’s advisable to opt for a switching solution that is wear resistant. Elastomeric keypads also show better resistance to friction and scratches, making them durable and reliable. 

Further, silicone rubber features a fantastic general mechanical property. When subjected to different types and levels of force, the material will endure due to its elasticity, hardness, and tensile strength. 

They Offer excellent tactile responses

Tactile response is the sensation that lets you know your input was registered using a keypad. Depending on the type of keypad, tactile feedback can range from an audible pop to the feeling of the button pushing back on your finger. This kind of response enhances the user experience since you can be sure that a key press was registered without verifying with the output component. 

While silicone rubber keypads are very soft and smooth, they offer excellent tactile feedback. Pushing down on a key quickly makes the button ‘cave in.’ After releasing the button, it will immediately pop back to the initial position and regain its original shape. This aspect makes silicone rubber keypads desirable as the user is always sure of the button’s response.  


Silicone rubber keypads are an excellent choice for various electronic devices. At the same time, these switching solutions tend to be cheaper compared to other market options. With elastomeric keypads, users will get excellent quality without breaking their budget. Customers making bulk orders will undoubtedly save a significant amount with this option. 

They are highly customizable

silicone rubber keypads

Silicone rubber keypads offer a wide degree of design flexibility. The material supports a range of functions and features, allowing users to obtain highly custom designs suited to their specific needs. 

For instance, clients can customize the shape and size of their keypads. If they’re interested in rubber keypad graphics, this effect can be achieved through either laser-etching or silkscreen printing. Different colors can also be performed during the production process. What’s more, elastomeric keypads have backlighting flexibility. The design options here are limitless, and users are assured of attaining their aesthetic goals. 


When choosing a keypad for your electronic device, it is essential to analyze your specific needs. You’ll then need to settle on the best option for these needs and objectives. 

Silicone rubber keypads are a popular choice for both consumer and industrial equipment, and with good reason – they offer durability, resilience, and good value for your money. In addition, this switching solution is ideal for users seeking comfort and design flexibility. 

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