Top 10 Rubber Parts Manufacturers and Suppliers in China(2024)

Whether you are looking for custom rubber products or molding services, you need to find a top rubber parts manufacturer to provide what you need.

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This post will cover top China-based companies with the best expertise, equipment, technology, and experience in manufacturing high-quality custom rubber products. Read on to find your ideal manufacturer.

What are Rubber Parts?

Rubber parts are accessories made of rubber materials, which can be standard or custom molded. Popular parts made of rubber include gaskets, fenders, balloons, valves, tracks, stoppers, rollers, and pads. Industrial applications for standard and custom rubber parts include automotive, aerospace, medical devices, construction, chemical, and printing. 

Top 10 Rubber Parts Manufacturers in China

Here is our quick roundup of China’s top 10 rubber parts manufacturers. We have used important company information to compare them in this table.

PositionCompany NameYear EstablishedLocationEmployee
1Hongju Silicone 1999Dongguan50 to 100
2Demeters Rubber2015Nanjing21 to 30
3Feizhipan International2021Hengshui10 to 54
4Yoda Rubber1972Yangzhong50 to 100
5Hagoin Rubber2014Qingdao11 to 50
6Zhongde Machinery2014Beijing 500+
7Milesun Rubber2002Guangzhou100 to 350
8Shengda Rubber2011Quanzhou10 to 50
9Melon Rubber2017Zhongshan10 to 50
10Lele Rubber 2010Haining10 to 50

Company Summaries

In this section of our guide, we will introduce you to the top 10 China-based manufacturers and suppliers of rubber parts. Each summary of these companies will include their main product lineup and capabilities. Let’s take a look together!

1. Dongguan Hongju Silicone Rubber Products Company

Dongguan Hongju Silicone Rubber Products Company

Company Information

Brand Name: Hongju Silicone

Year Established: 1999

Location: Dongguan

Employee Size: 50-100

From rubber gaskets, die-cut gaskets, rubber seals, and rubber grommets to synthetic rubbers, Hongju Silicone will meet your specifications in design and quality.

Our Liquid Silicone Rubber manufacturing facilities have the best material selection and tooling design to ensure we meet your specific requirements. Our capabilities include custom rubber molding, injection molding, compression molding, rubber-to-metal bonding, transfer molding, and extrusions (for making extruded rubber profiles).

By understanding the specific requirements of our customers, we provide ground-breaking solutions and resilient custom-molded rubber parts that facilitate sustainable growth for different businesses.

We also serve many industries dealing with medical devices, food processing, EMI shielding, tubing, electronics, automotive and more.  

Company Advantages

  • Competitive prices
  • Significantly low MOQ requirements
  • Create dependable solutions for businesses
  • Constantly striving to improve
  • Responsive and supportive customer service

Main Products  and Service

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2. Nanjing Demeters Rubber & Plastic Products Company

Nanjing Demeters Rubber & Plastic Products Company

Company Information

Brand Name: Demeters Rubber

Year Established: 2015

Location: Nanjing

Employee Size: 21-30

Demeter’s Rubber manufactures standard and custom molded rubber parts, including rubber sheets, pads, linings, plastic molds, and more.

This company uses several rubber molding processes to meet specific customer requirements, such as compression molding, transfer molding, and injection molding.    

The company serves many overseas and local industries, including electronics, aerospace, agriculture, marine, rail, construction, and more. They also have good technical expertise, innovation, and value.

Company Advantages

  • Technical expertise
  • Competitive quotations
  • Integrity and pride
  • Innovative solutions provided
  • On-time delivery

Main Products and Services

  • Rubber sheets
  • Rubber linings
  • Rubber pads
  • Plastic molds
  • Seal strip
  • Anti-slip flooring
  • Design services 

3. Hengshui Feizhipan International Trade Co., Ltd.

Hengshui Feizhipan International Trade Co., Ltd.

Company Information

Brand Name: Feizhipan International

Year Established: 2021

Location: Hengshui

Employee Size: 10-54

Feizhipan International is one of China’s best custom molded rubber products manufacturers. The company is still new but has established itself as a reliable manufacturer of rubber parts and other consumer products.

This company serves many industries dealing with rubber and other compounds like neoprene, ethylene propylene diene monomer, silicone, Viton, and nitrile. The products this company manufactures include 36 series in pad printing silicone rubber, silicone gasket, silicone rubber sheet, silicone rubber foam, and more. 

Feizhipan International prides itself on being a critical supply chain by manufacturing high-quality custom-molded rubber products at competitive prices. This manufacturer also takes time to understand your industry to meet your specific requirements.    

Company Advantages

  • Full technical support
  • Competitive price ranges
  • Short lead times
  • Trusted relationships with customers
  • Considerably low MOQ

Main Products and Services

  • Molded rubber parts
  • Ethylene propylene diene monomer
  • Rubber flat gaskets
  • Rubber tubing
  • Rubber seal

4. Yoda Rubber Parts Manufacturer

Yoda Rubber Parts Manufacturer

Company Information

Brand Name: Yoda Rubber

Year Established: 1972

Location: Yangzhong

Employee Size: 50-100

Yoda Rubber is one of the most experienced Chinese companies that manufacture good quality custom silicone products from raw rubber material.   

Yoda Rubber specializes in many industrial products, including UPVC products, FKM rubber compounds, silicone rubber sheets, and more. Their product applications include a variety of industries, such as aerospace, automotive, and construction.

This manufacturer specializes in high-quality natural rubber products and value-added services at competitive prices. Their design services are impressive.

Company Advantages

  • Highly experienced
  • Wide range of rubber, neoprene, polymer, and plastic products
  • Reliable customer support
  • Competitive prices

Main Products and Services

  • Viton o-rings
  • Custom molded parts
  • FKM rubber compound
  • VMQ rubber cord
  • Devotion and innovation

5. Qingdao Hagoin Rubber and Plastic Products Company

Qingdao Hagoin Rubber and Plastic Products Company

Company Information

Brand Name: Hagoin  Rubber

Year Established: 2014

Location: Qingdao

Employee Size: 11-50

Hagoin Rubber provides reliable rubber molding, reverse engineering, rubber injection, and other solutions.

The company innovates, creates, and produces rubber molding consumer products with skilled precision. Each final product undergoes strict quality control checks at different manufacturing stages to ensure it meets all the requirements. Hagoin Rubber has the necessary skills for molding silicone or rubber of all colors.

The company has one of the most experienced and reliable export teams ready to serve your business. It also offers reliable after-sale services that can help you solve any problems.   

Company Advantages

  • Serves a wide variety of industries
  • Good quality control
  • Competitive and fair prices
  • ISO9001 and TS16949 certified
  • Fairly quick delivery times

Main Products and Services

  • Rubber seals and gaskets
  • Rubber bumper
  • Rubber diaphragms
  • Rubber insulation
  • Rubber pads  

6. Zhongde Machinery Equipment Company

Zhongde Machinery Equipment Company

Company Information

Brand Name: Zhongde Machinery

Year Established: 2014

Location: Beijing

Employee Size: 500+

Established in 2014, Zhongde Machinery is a highly skilled and experienced manufacturer of custom and standard rubber parts.

The company has over 10 product lines, including rubber parts, asbestos products, quick connectors, and compensators. Its success in manufacturing and supply depends on its advanced machinery, highly committed staff, and good customer relationships.

The strategic plan of this company involves standardization, institutionalization, and scientific research. They also insist on a people-oriented strategy.

Company Advantages

  • Advanced machinery and technology
  • Well-trained staff
  • Competitive advantage and prices
  • Good customer support
  • A wide selection of rubber parts and other products

Main Products and Services

  • Custom parts
  • The rubber bumper and vibration mount
  • Suction cup and sucker
  • Rubber and plastic grommets
  • Sealing products       

7. Milesun Rubber and Plastic Technology Company

Milesun Rubber and Plastic Technology Company

Company Information

Brand Name: Milesun Rubber

Year Established: 2002

Location: Guangzhou

Employee Size: 100-350

Milesun Rubber offers best-in-class rubber molding, injection molding, and compression molding.

They design and manufacture bespoke industrial custom rubber goods for home appliances, automobiles, power tools, engineering machinery, and more. This company provides rubber solutions based on your specific requirements.

Milesun Rubber has UL and ISO9001 certifications, which means their quality control standards are reliable.  

Company Advantages

  • Flexible design solutions
  • Personalized customer service and support
  • 3D design modelling and toolmaking
  • Customer focused advice
  • Caters to a wide range of local and international industries

Main Products and Services       

  • Rubber parts
  • Silicone vacuum hose
  • Bushing mounts
  • Stopper sealing parts
  • Silicone rubber plugs
  • Rubber sucker
  • Silicone vacuum suction cup

8. Quanzhou Shengda Rubber Products Company

Quanzhou Shengda Rubber Products Company

Company Information

Brand Name: Shengda Rubber

Year Established: 2011

Location: Quanzhou

Employee Size: 10-50

Shengda Rubber is a good manufacturer and supplier of custom rubber components of different shapes and sizes, including flat rubber washers, rubber vibration isolators, and more.

Established in 2011, Shengda Rubber has built an excellent reputation locally and overseas. The company’s unique competitive advantage allows it to manufacture low-cost products using good-quality rubber materials.

Also, continued emphasis on development and research has enabled Shengda Rubber to become a leader in rubber parts manufacturing and supplying.

Company Advantages

  • Wide variety of products
  • Serves a good number of industries
  • Reasonably low MOQ
  • Good customer service and support

Main Products and Services

  • Rubber vibration isolators
  • Flat rubber washers
  • Rubber donut grommet
  • Silicone mask
  • Rubber o-ring dampers

9. Zhongshan Melon Rubber and Plastic Products Company

Zhongshan Melon Rubber and Plastic Products Company

Company Information

Brand Name: Melon Rubber

Year Established: 2017

Location: Zhongshan

Employee Size: 10-50

Melon Rubber is a good rubber parts producer running its operations in China. Their extensive product line of standard and custom rubber molded parts.

This China-based company has earned the reputation of being one of the best manufacturers of innovative rubber parts that meet the required quality standards. Their custom rubber manufacturing serves different industries, including OEM, industrial distribution markets, and replacement parts.

At Melon Rubber, their commitment to excellence and attention to detail for every project is exceptional. They will ensure that your rubber parts meet your expectations.

Company Advantages

  • A wide selection of rubber parts
  • Good quality management
  • Reliable customer service and support
  • Fairly quick delivery times
  • Good competitive advantage

Main Products and Services

  • Custom and standard rubber parts
  • Fasteners and connectors
  • Liquid silicone parts
  • Extrusion sealing strips
  • Medical-grade silicone parts  

10. Haining Lele Rubber Product Company

Haining Lele Rubber Product Company

Company Information

Brand Name: Lele Rubber

Year Established: 2010

Location: Haining

Employee Size: 10-50

Located in mainland China, Lele Rubber has established itself as a reliable manufacturer and supplier of good-quality rubber parts.

This company is focused on dependability and quality, always working hard to meet and exceed the expectations of its consumers. Lele Rubber has an experienced team of engineers and technicians who can find the right solutions for your business.

The manufacturing capabilities of this company include rubber molding, rubber rolling, precision engineering, and rubber extrusion.

Company Advantages

  • A wide product line
  • Competitive price ranges
  • Considerably low MOQ
  • Reliable customer support

Main Products and Services

  • Rubber o-rings  
  • Rubber seals
  • Rubber shock absorber
  • Silicone rubber seal parts
  • Rubber molding
  • Precision engineering

3 Benefits of Importing Rubber Parts from China

China-based rubber molding companies provide the best custom rubber molding services and products. Local and international industries and businesses can depend on China as a single point of contact for many molded rubber goods. Here are the key advantages of importing from Chinese rubber parts companies:  

1. Source of Quality Custom Rubber Products at Cheap Prices

Many local and foreign molded rubber parts manufacturers in China produce high-quality rubber molded parts at low prices. Chinese companies employ stringent tests on the quality of their rubber molding products in the same way that foreign manufacturers do. With their status as one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers in the world, they are more cautious about the quality of their products.    

2. Manufacturers Offer Reasonable Minimum Order Quantities (MOQ)

Unlike other countries, China-based manufacturers and suppliers of rubber components offer reasonable minimum order quantities. The minimum order quantity depends on the manufacturing process, wastage, and cost.  

3. Free Trade Zones Make Importing from China Easier  

China has done a great job of promoting rapid economic development through free trade zones. These zones allow international industries to import custom rubber parts without direct intervention from customs. Eleven free trade zones across the country provide many benefits.

Looking for Rubber Parts Manufacturer from China? Get Solutions from Hongju Silicone

Are you looking for a leading manufacturer of custom molding products? Hongju Silicone is your go-to company. We have years of experience in providing custom-molded rubber products. The processing techniques include injection molding, rubber compression molding, rubber-to-metal bonding, transfer molding, and insert molding. Contact us now!

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