Rubber Parts for Gaming Products

Gaming products need rubber parts for comfort, improved response, and the best performance.

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Gaming products are popular. Millions of people spend hours playing games for fun, for stress relief, or to collaborate with others. Because games are played for extended periods, comfort and performance are essential. Fortunately, rubber parts are integrated into gaming products to improve the gaming experience.

This article explores the rubber parts used for gaming products, the materials they are made from, and how to maintain them.

What Is the Significance of Using Silicone Rubber Parts in a Game Product?

Keyboard and game controller

Silicone rubber parts are made out of silicone rubber. The properties of this type of rubber include thermal resistance, electrical insulation, good chemical stability, and anti-slip. Due to its exceptional properties, silicone rubber is widely used across several industries, including in-game manufacturing.

Although there are different rubber materials for manufacturing game products, silicone rubber stands out. One of the outstanding properties of silicone rubber is its safety. This elastomer is eco-friendly, non-reactive, and does not leach. Hence game products, especially for children, are safe for use.

Another significance of silicone rubber parts in-game products is their weather and water resistance. Hence, they are durable and suitable for outdoor applications.

What Are the Different Types of Rubber Materials for Gaming Products?

Game items

Natural Rubber

Natural rubber is harvested from the hevea tree. After harvesting, this rubber is processed with heat and chemicals to make it suitable for industrial applications. This rubber is durable and abrasion resistant. Also, because of its flexibility and strength, it is used for several applications, including gaming products.

Natural rubber possesses properties including water and abrasion resistance. It is also resistant to wear and tear and fatigue. However, natural rubber is ineffective in resisting heat and ozone, unlike other rubber materials.

Thermoplastic Elastomers (TPEs)

A TPE is a polymer material made from a thermoplastic and a thermoset vulcanized rubber. Consequently, this material is easy to process at high temperatures and has a high elasticity at room temperature. In addition, TPEs have rubber-like properties, are recyclable, and are suitable for several products, including rubber parts.


TPE rubber parts are durable, tear-resistant, and lightweight. They are also soft to the touch, colorful, and safe for use in children’s toys.

Synthetic Rubber

Unlike natural rubber, synthetic rubber is not harvested from a tree. Instead, it is artificially produced from the polymerization of monomers. There are different types of synthetic rubber, and they all have their unique properties. The types of synthetic rubber used in manufacturing gaming products include;

1. Silicone rubber:

Silicone rubber is a synthetic rubber, also known as polysiloxane. This elastomer has a high temperature and weather resistance. It is also inert, biocompatible, and hypoallergenic. Gaming products for children mostly use silicone rubber parts due to their safety and non-reactivity.

Gaming products for children

Other properties of silicone rubber are its malleability and color. Silicone rubber can be molded into several shapes to produce several gaming accessories. The elastomer is also available in fun and bright colors.

Although silicone rubber can be expensive, its long-term benefits make the investment worthwhile. The exceptional properties of this rubber material far outweigh the initial cost, making it a cost-effective solution over time.

2. Neoprene rubber:

Neoprene is a thermally stable, waterproof synthetic rubber. It is chemically resistant and suitable for applications that require durable and waterproof rubber parts. Furthermore, because of its inertness, neoprene rubber parts are excellent for producing gaming products for people with allergies.

The downsides of neoprene rubber are its cost, poor resistance to oil, and strong oxidizing acids.

3. Butyl rubber:

Butyl rubber is made from the polymerization of isoprene and isobutylene. This synthetic rubber has good shock absorption and low gas permeability. Other properties of this elastomer include its biocompatibility and ozone, heat, and chemical resistance.

Furthermore, butyl rubber is durable in gaming products because of its good aging properties. However, this elastomer’s downside is its poor flame resistance and rebound.

What Are the Common Types of Rubber Parts for Gaming Products?


Rubber Pads

Rubber pads are a thin mass of flat padding that provides cushioning and anti-vibration effects. This pad is soft and provides shock resistance for gaming products. In addition, rubber pads are reusable, easy to install, and keep objects steady.

Rubber pads are applicable in several gaming products. They are used as mouse pads, gamepads, and PCBs. They are also used for several game consoles, including ds lite and Nintendo Wii.

Rubber Feet

rubber feet

Rubber feet are also known as rubber bumpers. This rubber part can be a screw-on or adhesive, and it protects gaming products from damage. Rubber feet are usually circular and may have a small hole in their centers. Usually, this hole deforms when the rubber feet are exposed to pressure.

Rubber feet are usually placed under equipment to prevent skidding and absorb vibrations. In addition, this rubber part creates a barrier between gaming equipment and the floor, preventing scratches and damage.

Rubber feet are used for several gaming products, including keyboards, mouse pads, and game consoles. Silicone rubber feet are also fixed under board games like chess to provide a gripping effect.

Rubber Grips

Rubber grips for bike handles

Silicone rubber grips are often used as handle covers for metal or plastic handles. Rubber grips have several designs, and they are anti-slip, reducing friction when you hold onto a handle. They also minimize the impact of vibration and provide comfort when using gaming products.

Usually, silicone rubber grips are used on many items, including bicycle handles, baseball bats, and tennis rackets. Furthermore, rubber grips are often used in game controllers to reduce fatigue from long gaming sessions and to protect the controller from scratches when it drops or falls.

What Are the Benefits of Rubber Parts for Gaming Products?

Rubber grips

Improved Stability

Rubber feet at the bottom of a keypad absorb shock and prevent sliding and slipping. Similarly, rubber parts in gaming products keep controllers in place, providing stability during a game. Fortunately, with improved stability, there is better accuracy and control.

Reduced Noise and Vibration

Rubber parts in in-game products dampen noise and vibrations by absorbing shock. For example, gaming products with mice and keypads often produce vibrations. But with rubber parts, the vibration is reduced, limiting distractions when playing games.

Enhanced Comfort and Grip

Games can be exciting and time-consuming. However, playing games soon become a chore without proper comfort and grip. Silicone rubber parts improve grip and provide cushioning, improving stability when playing games.

Games rubber grip

Increased Durability

Silicone rubber parts are wear and impact resistant. Therefore, if a gaming product is dropped, these parts absorb the shock and prevent damage. In addition, rubber parts are water-resistant. They prevent water from entering a device, increasing its durability.

Protection from Scratches and Damage

Rubber parts are non-abrasive. Therefore, they won’t scratch a gaming product’s surface. In addition, coating rubber parts with scratch-resistant material can protect gaming products further.

What Should You Consider When Choosing Rubber Parts for Gaming Products?

Game controller


As mentioned earlier, rubber parts can be made from different materials. Before choosing a suitable rubber part, consider its material. A rubber part’s durability, flexibility, and resistance depend on its material.

Size and Shape

Gaming products come in a variety of different shapes and sizes. Therefore, it is only imperative that the rubber part protecting the product suits its size and shape.

Thickness and Hardness

The thickness and hardness of a rubber part affect the stability of a gaming product. It also affects tactile feedback in keypads and controllers. Generally, softer and thicker rubber buttons have a better response.


A rubber part not adhering properly to a gaming product can affect the tactile response. In addition, the rubber component may interfere with other components in the gaming product, reducing precision and accuracy.

Compatibility with the Gaming Product

Although rubber parts protect gaming products, they must be compatible to do so effectively. For instance, a keypad’s rubber feet are not the same as a mouse’s. Therefore, consider the compatibility of a rubber part with a gaming product before choosing one.

How to Maintain and Clean Rubber Parts for Gaming Products?

rubber parts

Properly maintaining rubber parts for your gaming products ensures their durability and functionality. In addition, it protects the gaming product, improving performance and tactile response.

Tips for cleaning rubber parts include;

  • A soft cloth dipped in soapy water should be used to clean rubber parts. Do not soak rubber parts in water for extended periods.
  • Avoid harsh soaps or chemicals; dish soap is best. It is also best to avoid using too much pressure when cleaning the rubber parts.
  • Dry the rubber part with a soft dry cloth. If the rubber part is not properly dried, it can trap moisture and damage the gaming product.


The gaming industry is growing exponentially, and the significance of high-quality rubber components is crucial. However, it’s often ignored. To overcome this, it’s vital to produce customized rubber parts that shield gaming products, enhance their efficiency, and give customers a better gaming experience.

Silicone, which is sturdy, resilient, and adaptable, is ideal for manufacturing rubber parts. Learn about its significance in the gaming industry via this silicone guide.

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