Top 10 O-ring Manufacturers and Suppliers in China (2024)

O-rings are one of the most important sealing elements in fluid systems, and they are often used in hydraulic and pneumatic systems. In order to get the best performance from your o-rings, you need to use high quality components from a reputable supplier. Here is a list of some of the top o-ring manufacturers and suppliers in China.

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O-rings have got their name because of their circular cross-section. They act as essential sealants by providing a protective layer between the components. They prevent leakage, thus not allowing a liquid or a gas to escape. Due to their versatility, you can use them both for static and dynamic applications.

Various manufacturing techniques like injection, extrusion, and compression molding are used to produce rings and products of other types. At the same time, the raw material that the companies use depends on the application. The most commonly used o-ring materials are nitrile rubber, silicone, EPDM Rubber, and Fluorocarbon (Viton).

Top O-ring Manufacturers and Suppliers Company Summaries

This article has all the answers if you are looking for O-ring manufacturers and suppliers in China. We have compiled a list of China’s top 10 O-ring manufacturers and suppliers. These reputed companies manufacture products from simple to complex components without compromising the quality. Moreover, these manufactured products, like simple seals, gaskets, and other types, have a broad scope of industrial applications. Scroll on to learn more about these companies and their products.

PositionCompany NameYear EstablishedLocation (City)Employee Size
1 Hongju Silicone1999Dongguan100-150
2 Xiamen Lindas 2003Xiamen150-199
3 Huari 1995Yangzhong100-150
4 Hebei Zhenpeng2014Xingtai10-30
5 Liuzhou Pinmo Sealing2020Liuzhou150-200
6 Xiamen Flying2007Xiamen10-50
7 Jiangyin No.3 Rubber1984Jiangyin50-100
8 Dalian Yingyu2008Liaoning10-30
9 Zhongsheng 2006Dongguan 30-50
10 DMS Seals2011Foshan100-150

Dongguan Hongju Silicone Rubber Products Co., Ltd.

From high-tech equipment to the construction industry, one cannot rule out the crucial role of silicone. Hongju provides silicone rubber parts solutions according to the specifications given by the customers. Their OEM & ODM services offer customized silicone rubber products at reasonable prices.

If you’re concerned about smaller order quantities, rest assured that the company accommodates orders with low minimum order quantities (MOQs).

Dongguan Hongju Silicone Rubber Products Co., Ltd.

Main Products


  • Wide-range of products
  • Fast Delivery
  • Good Customer Service
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Xiamen Lindas Hardware Industrial Co., Ltd.

It promises to deliver premium quality products to the customers by ensuring that no reclaimed materials are used during manufacturing. The production facility of the factory is well-equipped with machines for making customized and standard industrial plastic and rubber products. It also offers its customers the service of prompt delivery in case of a prototype.

Over time, the company has shown continuous improvement. It offers customers the facility of assembly, packing, and shipment of the products, along with the production services making it a one-stop service and a leading manufacturer in China.

Xiamen Lindas Hardware Industrial Co.,Ltd.

Main Products

  • plastic o-rings, gaskets.
  • Seals and Extrusion parts
  • Suction cups, Grommets, hoses.
  • Hydraulic and pneumatic seals
  • Encapsulated O-rings


  • Well-equipped production facility
  • Diverse material offerings
  • No MOQ for customized parts

YangZhong HuaRi Sealing Product Co., Ltd.

The automotive industry needs products that enhance its efficiency. In this regard, self-lubricating, oil, and wear-resistant products are of crucial importance. The products of this company have a wide scope of applications in auto power steering gears.

The company offers the customization of products to customers at a reasonable price. It has generated huge sales by providing good quality products at competitive rates and minimum delivery time. Huari is honored by customers across the world. These include Germany Knorr-Bremse, FAW Group, Dongfeng Motor, etc.

YangZhong HuaRi Sealing Product Co., Ltd

Main Products

  • O-rings
  • Auto Power Steering PTFE Seals
  • Hydraulic Cylinder Seals
  • metric o-rings


  • Diverse Product Catalog
  • Good Service

Hebei Zhenpeng International Trading Co., LTD

The company produces different kinds of rubber seals and ring manufacturers in China. Nitrile rubber is one of the primary materials used to produce O-rings. It has a wide scope in the aerospace and automotive industry and is used for making seals, oil-handling hoses, and self-fueling tanks.

From hardware and medical equipment to military and other fields, the demand for these seals is at an all-time high. As one of the suppliers integrating production and trade company with years of expertise, it lets the customers customize the products per their specifications.

Over time, the company has improved its production line by evolving from a rubber and plastic factory. It can provide all kinds of rubber seal products without compromising the quality. The higher product performance is accompanied by offering customers a reasonable and comparatively cheap price for each product.


Main Products

  • Rotary seal
  • stainless steel PTFE oil seal.
  • Custom O rings


  • Hydraulic and pneumatic products.
  • Export License
  • International Clients

Liuzhou Pinmo Sealing Sci-Tech Co., Ltd.

They are a professional rubber seal manufacturer company with an experience of about 15 years. The company can make a pure rubber seal thanks to the excellent molding technology. If you want a customized rubber seal, a new mold is made through CNC.

The products have a broad application in the chemical industry, automobile seals, valves, and pipelines. Apart from supporting domestic industries, it offers its products across the world. It has increased its reach to more than 40 countries. Some include the United States, Germany, Australia, Lebanon, Italy, Russia, etc. This company is viable if you want to manufacture your product after testing under various conditions.

Liuzhou Pinmo Sealing Sci-Tech Co., Ltd.

Main Products

  • Oil seals
  • Hydraulic seals.
  • O -O-rings, rubber seals, etc.


  • Good customer service
  • Customization available

Xiamen Flying Silicone Rubber Co., Ltd

It is a leading manufacturer producing liquid silicone rubber parts, silicone, and rubber in China. If you are looking for O-rings resistant to petroleum and other chemicals, they offer you O-rings of durable quality. You can customize the material of your choice ranging from silicone, ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM), nitrile rubber (NBR), VITON, etc.

With an experience of more than 15 years, there is continuous improvement in its production capabilities. They are offering products at comparatively cheaper prices than the market. You can even bring your design drawings; professional services will allow you to turn your idea into mass production.

Xiamen flying silicone rubber co.,ltd.

Main Products

  • Rubber Seals
  • Silicone O-rings
  • Pneumatic seals
  • Other types of Silicone Accessories


  • Variety of products
  • Good Customer Service
  • Focus on research and development

Jiangyin No.3 Rubber Manufacturer Co., Ltd.

It is a professional manufacturer and industry leader in China committed to maintaining high-level quality control. The highly experienced staff at quality assurance checks and tests each piece of rubber product before shipping.

You can get high-quality products at a competitive price with the most convenient transportation conditions. Also, a strong sales team can assist you in sales and guide you in the on-site service. A long-term business relationship has been established with overseas countries by establishing its domestic credibility.

Feel free to contact customer support for further assistance.

Jiangyin No.3 Rubber Manufacturer Co., Ltd.

Main Products

  • O-rings
  • Rubber gaskets
  • Oil seal covers
  • Pump valve oil seals


  • Hassle-free transportation
  • Strong customer service
  • Excellent quality assurance

Dalian Yingyu Co., Limited

From bearings and automobiles to valves and machines, they have fulfilled countless industries’ demands since 2008.

Besides, custom molded products are also available that can be manufactured as per the clients’ designs and drawings. Advanced testing equipment products like rubber gaskets, custom Rubber Strip O Ring Cords, NBR Rubber Bearing Seals, and more are made with precision and accuracy.


Main Products

  • O-Ring, O-Ring Kit
  • Bearing Seal/Strip
  • Oil and wiper seal


  • Variety of Products
  • Good customer service

Dongguan Zhongsheng Rubber Products Co., Ltd.

It is a manufacturing and trading combo offering a wide range of products since its inception in 2006. It mainly deals with rubber-related products such as sealing strips, rubber cords, and o-rings. These products are made using different materials like NBR, EPDM, and HNBR with various colors.

It has a stock of more than 1000 molds for different products, mainly O-rings. From raw materials to finished products, customer satisfaction is the top priority. Hence, we assist both before and after-sales. The facility of customizing products as per drawings is also available.

Dongguan Zhongsheng Rubber Products Co., Ltd.

Main Products

  • sealing strips,
  • rubber cords
  • O-rings


  • Diversified catalog of products
  • Quick Delivery
  • Designing Services
  • square rings

DMS Seals Technology Co., Limited

They are one of the leading sealing solution suppliers in China. They have an extensive catalog of products with an expert workforce of over a hundred employees. These products are tested under different conditions before their final delivery. The company has the ultimate solution for high-temperature, ultra-low-temperature, highly corrosive, and other working conditions.

DMS can be your best choice if you want to explore several customization options, from seals, o-rings, gaskets, and related products. It uses various materials in its invention patents and leading production process.


Main Products

  • Rotary, scraper, and piston seals.
  • Bonded Seals, Gaskets, Oil Seals.
  • O-Rings, O-Ring Kits.


  • Excellent production and testing equipment
  • Partnership with research institutions at domestic and international levels.


When it comes to selecting an O-ring manufacturer and supplier, it is crucial to evaluate several critical factors such as the standard of quality, cost-effectiveness, timely delivery, product choices, and customer service. This is because these elements can greatly impact the overall success of any project. Therefore, it is crucial to extensively explore and analyze the qualities and features of different O-ring suppliers before making a decision.

Get Top-Of-The-Line O-rings From Hongju

If you are looking for a quality o-rings supplier, you need to consider contacting some of China’s top 10 o-rings manufacturers and suppliers. Hongju has years of experience in the industry and can provide you with high-quality products that will meet your needs and budget. Contact us now to learn more about our services and how we can help you find the perfect o-rings for your business.

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