9 Reasons to Choose Silicone Toys for Your Child (Real-Life Examples)

Children need toys to nurture their cognitive, concentration, and motor skills. However, because toddlers are quick to put things in their mouths, choosing safe and non-toxic toys is essential. Unlike plastic, silicone toys are stable and not harmful to your child's health. They are also available in fun, attractive colors that interest your child and thus boost their attention span.

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The benefits of silicone toys are not limited to these. Kindly read further to find out other reasons to choose silicone toys.

What is Silicone Rubber?

Young girl stacking different shapes

Silicone rubber is a synthetic material that combines silicon, oxygen, hydrogen, and carbon. This elastomer produces children’s toys due to its excellent properties. Because there are different grades of silicone, the best type for children’s toys is food-grade silicone. Food-grade silicone is safe and non-toxic even if your baby chews on it.

The Properties of Silicone Rubber

Toy for babies

Silicone rubber is an elastomer with exceptional properties, making it ideal for children’s toys. These properties include;

Food-grade ratingSilicone rubber is safe for use with food and does not each. It is also used for sterilization due to its high temperature, radiation, and chemical resistance.
Heat resistanceThe elastomer can withstand high temperatures for extended periods without changing its properties.
WeatherabilitySilicone rubber is resistant to ozone, weather, and UV exposure. It does not degrade on exposure to these factors.
Tensile strengthThis elastomer has a high tensile strength and is ideal for manufacturing durable toys.
Chemical inertnessThis elastomer is stable and only reacts with a few chemicals
FlexibilitySilicone rubber is flexible and will rebound to its original shape even after undergoing pressure.

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The Benefits of Using Silicone Rubber Toys for Child

Educational pull toy

They are soft and gentle on your child’s skin.

Silicone is gentle and ideal for sensitive skin. Consequently, toys made from this material do not harm your child or cause skin irritations.

They are non-toxic and free of harmful chemicals.

The FDA certifies food-grade silicone as safe for contact with food. This type of silicone is free of chemicals and non-toxic. So, even if your baby chews on it, your baby is safe.

However, it is essential to note that when buying silicone toys, verify that the material is pure. Pinching the toy and checking for white lines is a way to verify. Impure silicone toys show white lines when squeezed.

Age-appropriate toy for kids

They are easy to clean and do not harbor bacteria.

Silicone is stain-resistant and, therefore, easy to clean. You can soak your baby’s toys in warm water and wash them with mild dish soap to remove dirt. Furthermore, because of silicone’s resistance to water, bacteria cannot thrive on its surface.

They are durable and will last for years.

Silicone is durable due to its weather, ozone, and UV resistance. Moreover, silicone toys can withstand pressure. So, regardless of how much your baby plays with the toy or throws it around, it can last for years.

They come in a variety of fun shapes and colors.

Silicone’s flexibility makes it ideal for creating fun shapes that fascinate your baby. In addition, the material is available in bright colors that will always attract your child’s attention.

They stimulate imagination and creativity.

Due to their flexibility, you can get silicone toys in several designs, shapes, and stimulating games. For instance, stacking silicone toys helps your baby grow his fine motor and creative skills. In addition, with silicone toys, your children can figure out ways to play and keep themselves entertained.

Kids beach sand toy

They save cost

Silicone toys may be expensive upfront. However, this cost is like an investment. Because of their durability, you save money in the long run. Silicone toys typically outlast plastic and other rubber toys.

They are lightweight

Although sturdy, silicone toys are lightweight. You can fold and keep them whenever you go out with your baby. And because they are portable, you won’t even know you are carrying something extra.

They improve social skills.

Silicone toys like stacking and building blocks improve kindness and social interaction in children. These toys are often interactive and cooperative projects. So, in playgroup sessions, silicone toys boost physical activity and stimulate brain cells, helping your child process information quickly.

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How to Choose Suitable Silicone Toys for Your Child?

Safe toys with small parts

Choose open-ended toys

Toddlers are developing, and they need toys that stimulate their motor, logical, and problem-solving skills. Open-ended toys improve these skills because your child pulls them apart, puts them together, and builds them to create different shapes.

Examples of open-ended toys include silicone stacking blocks and interlocking blocks. Toddlers concentrate when stacking blocks, hoping to create something. Likewise, your child can visualize how to position each block, boosting his perception skills.

Choose toys that encourage activity.

Consistent activity builds your child’s gross motor, social, and sensory skills. Silicone toys that encourage activity help your child practice alone or with others. It also helps your child identify tools, what they are used for, and how to use them. Your toddler may even learn to pronounce their names, boosting language skills.

Examples of toys encouraging activities include silicone bowling sets, gardening tools, basketball hoops, and sensory toys. Silicone sensory UFO toys allow bending, squeezing, pulling, and pressing. They also improve hand-eye coordination.

girls playing with silicone cardboard boxes

Choose toys that look like objects around the home

Toddlers often play with cell phones, TV remotes, and light switches because they want to imitate you. Some toys come in these objects, helping your child problem-solve, develop fine motor skills, and learn how things fit together.

You can get silicone kitchen sets with plates, knives, spatula, and dishes, helping your child stretch their small muscles and play pretend kitchen. In addition, toy phones child-size brushes, and dustpans do things like you would.

Choose toys suitable for different developmental stages

Push and pull UFO toy

Children often get bored and outgrow their toys. But choosing toys that grow with your child ensures that they keep playing with them. Toys that grow with your child include dolls, stuffed animals, and toy vehicles.   

For example, a toddler may play with silicone action figures and even keep them in a shoe box. As an older toddler, your child may act out imaginative and pretend stories with the exact action figures.

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FAQs about Silicone Rubber Toys

Why is Silicone Better than Plastic?

Silicone is more eco-friendly and non-toxic compared to plastic. Plastic contains BPA, which stabilizes it; if ingested, it can accumulate in the human body. Silicone, on the other hand, is inert and stable in extreme conditions. Consequently, the material is widely employed in producing children’s toys.

Can Silicone Rubber Toys Help a Child’s Development?

Yes. Silicone rubber toys are available in several shapes and designs. These toys aim to improve children’s problem-solving, gross motor, fine motor, and hand-eye coordination skills. Consequently, these toys not only keep your child busy but also stimulate their development.

Should Children Play with Realistic Baby Dolls?

Stacking board games

Silicone baby dolls are realistic, and children love playing with them. Usually, toddlers play nurturing with realistic baby dolls, learning critical life skills like dressing up, feeding themselves, and interacting with others. Furthermore, playing with realistic baby dolls promotes responsibility in children.

Is Silicone Pull Toys Safe for a Young Child?

Silicone pull toys are safe and interactive. These toys stimulate multi-sensory play and improve hand-eye coordination. Also, because the toy has different pulling levels, it poses an increasing difficulty that strengthens your child and improves tactile development.

What Silicone Toys Improve Fine Motor Skills?

Siicone popping toys

Silicone toys like threading beads, legos, scissors, and puzzles improve fine motor skills in toddlers. For example, a threading bead toy requires your child to put silicone beads in a thread. This game requires concentration, determination, and finger control.

Lego also increases your toddler’s attention span. Children learn new skills by the pieces together. Usually, infants are obsessed with constructing something.

Silicone scissors come with blunt tips. Your child can learn how to cut freely and develop fine motor skills. Puzzles also stimulate mental development. You can start with large pieces and fewer puzzles and let your toddler sort them out.

Do Children Need Silicone Rubber Toys?

Yes. Toys are essential in building cognitive development in a child’s developmental stages. Silicone rubber toys are flexible and can be molded into different shapes and sizes to create toys that boost your child’s intelligence.

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Heat resistance, durability, and non-toxicity are silicone properties that make it ideal for children’s toys. Also, children can develop several skills by playing with silicone toys because of their flexibility and diversity.

Do You Want to Manufacture Custom Silicone Toys?

You can create a custom silicone toy and get a reliable manufacturer. Hongju is an experienced silicone rubber products manufacturer capable of batch-producing rubber products that meet your needs. From silicone rubber keypads to o-rings, we are ready to manufacture your products to the minute detail.

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