Silicone Rubber for Sports and Fitness: Gear that Goes the Distance

Silicone rubber is popular and versatile across many industries. Consequently, this elastomer is primarily utilized in the sports industry to produce several products, including mouthguards, running shoes, smart watches, and resistance bands.

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Because of its excellent properties like flexibility, durability, and tear-resistance, silicone rubber is invaluable in the sports gear manufacturing industry. In this post, we will look at the benefits and applications of silicone rubber in manufacturing sports and fitness gear. We will also discuss the future of this elastomer in the sports industry.

What is Silicone Rubber?

Silicone pedometer watch

Silicone rubber is an elastomer of silicon, carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen. This elastomer has the properties of plastic and rubber, making it versatile for several industrial applications, including sports and fitness gear manufacturing.

It is essential to note that silicone rubber is different from silicon. Silicon is an element and a constituent of silicone rubber. Silicone rubber, on the other hand, has a base of silicon and oxygen, and organic molecules. The property of this elastomer depends on the added organic molecule.

For instance, basic silicone rubbers have methyl groups as the added organic molecule. Also, silicone rubber with chemical resistance to fuels, oils, and solvents has fluoro, vinyl, and methyl groups.

Value of Silicone Rubber in Sports and Fitness Gear

Running watch

Sports and fitness gear are used for sports activities to enhance the intensity of physical activity, provide adjustable levels of resistance, and improve the workout experience. Depending on the sport, the gear used varies. For instance, sports and fitness gear could be apparel, footwear, equipment, or accessories.

Sports and fitness gear are used for many activities. Therefore, they must be durable, resilient, and can resist odor. In addition, this silicone rubber should also possess properties like stretchability, color fading, and UV resistance.

Several types of rubber elastomers are used in producing sports gear. Neoprene, EPDM, polyurethane, and silicone rubber are elastomers used to produce sports and fitness gear. However, of all these elastomers, silicone rubber stands out.

Due to its excellent properties, silicone rubber is widely used for producing sporting goods. The elastomer is durable and resilient, providing protection even in the harshest conditions. Although the upfront cost of producing silicone sporting goods is relatively high, this elastomer is valuable due to its lengthy lifespan. It pays for itself in the long run.

Benefits of Silicone Rubber for Sports and Fitness Gear

Adjustable waist belt with water bottle

Due to its exceptional mechanical properties, silicone rubber is excellent for manufacturing sports and fitness gear. The benefits of silicone rubber for sporting goods include the following;


Silicone rubber is more resilient than regular rubber. This elastomer can retain its properties even in extreme conditions. In addition, silicone rubber sporting goods last long and are reliable and non-reactive. That is, they maintain their shape and form throughout their lifespan. The price of changing sports and fitness gear year in and year out quickly adds up. But due to its durability, silicone rubber gear is a cost-effective option.

Temperature Resistance

Silicone rubber is widely used in manufacturing because of its excellent temperature resistance. This material can withstand a wide range of temperatures between -40 to 250 degrees C. Consequently, it is used for manufacturing protective fitness gear like ski boots.

Water Resistance

Silicone rubber is water resistant. This elastomer has a water absorption of approximately 1% in cold, lukewarm, or boiling water. Sports gear for water-based sports is usually made out of silicone due to its excellent water resistance. Snorkeling fins, life jackets, and floatation devices are often produced from silicone rubber.


Phone holder with adjustable strap

Silicone rubber possesses excellent flexibility and rebound. The material returns to its original shape and size after undergoing an external force. Because of its flexibility, silicone rubber is often used to produce resistance bands with varying tension levels for an effective workout.

Easy to Clean

It is essential to clean sports and fitness gear routinely to prevent mold and bacteria buildup. Disinfecting the equipment also kills germs and reduces the risk of spreading diseases. Silicone rubber gears are easy to clean. However, they do not absorb odors, and because they are non-reactive, it is difficult for bacteria to grow on them.

BPA and Phthalate-Free

BPA, also known as Bisphenol A, is an industrial chemical used for making plastics. Unfortunately, this chemical is hazardous to health. Phthalate is a chemical substance used as a plasticizer to soften polyvinyl chloride plastics. Like BPA, phthalate also has devastating effects on human health.

Fortunately, silicone rubber is BPA and phthalates-free. Therefore, they are safe for manufacturing sporting gear, including water bottles and mouthguards. With silicone rubber gear, athletes and sports people do not have to worry about BPA and phthalate leaching and causing them harm.

Applications of Silicone Rubber in Sports and Fitness Gear

Due to its flexibility and excellent properties, silicone rubber is widely applicable in the sports industry for manufacturing several sports and fitness gear.

Swimming Gear

Swimming goggles

Swimming gear makes it easier to swim. Because it is made from silicone rubber, swimming gear has minimal resistance in the water, allowing you to swim faster. Popular silicone rubber swimming gear includes swim caps, goggles, and nose clips.

Swim caps protect the hair from the chlorine in the water. Silicone swim caps are comfortable and water resistant, keeping water out and the hair dry. In addition, swim caps reduce resistance, helping swimmers swim faster.

Silicone rubber goggles protect the eyes from chlorine or anything in the water. Consequently, swimmers can keep their eyes open while swimming. You can customize silicone rubber goggles in several sizes to suit everyone.

Nose clips keep the nostrils closed, keeping water out and air in. Silicone rubber nose clips are especially helpful and ideal for beginners because they make breathing easy while swimming.

Fitness Gear

Silicone band workout

Fitness gear is equipment that enhances strength during physical activity. This equipment also provides conditioning effects of varying intensities to improve the experience and effectiveness of an exercise routine. Popular silicone rubber fitness gear includes resistance bands and exercise mats.

Resistance bands are used for strength training. Silicone resistance bands can strengthen the muscle as effectively as gym equipment. In addition, due to the resilience of silicone rubber, resistance bands can stretch and return to their original size. To suit beginners and experts, you can manufacture silicone resistance bands in varying resistance levels.

Exercise mats provide a cushioning effect during a workout, preventing aches and pains during exercises. Silicone exercise mats have a thick construction that can bear weight. They are also easy to clean, quick-drying, non-slip, and anti-skid.

Jump ropes are great for total body fitness. This equipment works all body muscles. Jump rope handles made from silicone rubber provide cushioning and extra weight for increased resistance.

Sports Gear

SIlicone exercise mats

Sports gear includes apparel, equipment, and tools that help you compete in a sport. The gear is protective, and they vary based on the sport. For example, popular silicone rubber sports gear includes mouthguards, helmets, and grips.

Mouth guards are worn over the upper teeth to protect players from sports-related dental injuries during contact sports like football or boxing. However, because players have to put the mouthguards in their mouths, the material leaching is risky. Fortunately, 100% silicone mouthguards are non-reactive, do not leach, and are safe for use.

Helmets reduce the risk of head injuries when playing sports like baseball, biking, hockey, and skiing. Silicone rubber helmets are resilient, have a high surface hardness, and have good chemical resistance. Also, this type of helmet is excellent for athletes because it can undergo heavy forces without deformation.

Grips are worn over the wrist, hand, and forearm to reduce friction when carrying out repetitive motions. For example, silicone grips are used in cricket, rugby, tennis, and lifting. Because of their non-skid properties, silicone grips are great for high-friction surfaces and areas needing high-skid resistance.

Silicone Rubber in Sports Technology

Wireless headphones

Sports technology helps athletes improve their training and overall athletic performance. Silicone rubber is used to manufacture sports technology because it is comfortable, lightweight, and water and weather resistant. Sports technology made from silicone rubber include wearable technology, smart sports equipment, and athletic performance wear.

Wearable Technology

Running belt with silicone band

Wearable technology is an electronic device you can wear as an accessory during workouts. These accessories help athletes enhance their performance by collecting data to design specialized training programs and track their progress.


Smartwatches are like silicone wristwatches, but they do much more. These watches track health and manage emails and phone calls without carrying your mobile phone around. In addition, many smartwatches have features and modes for running, swimming, walking, and various workouts. Pedometer watch also has additional features that count steps and help many people keep fit.

Furthermore, smartwatches have a great battery life. They last long periods and only have a short charging time. Because of their frequent use, the watch band must be resilient and water-resistant. Silicone smart watch bands do not only provide value for money. They are available in several bright and fun colors to suit everyone.

Heart rate monitors

Heartrate monitor

Heart rate monitors detect and measure pulse. Thanks to sports technology, these devices are wearable and use accurate sensors. A heart rate monitor is great for tracking sleep quality, vital signs at home, and activity and stress levels during the day. Heart rate monitors have straps made out of silicone rubber. These straps are durable, water-resistant, and have a snug fit.

Phone Holders

Running belt with main pocket

Smartphones can count steps, record walking distance, and even track heart rates. Most people prefer taking their phone while jogging or running. A cellphone holder is a great option. This wearable has straps that secure the phone while providing a snug fit.

Phone holders often come as adjustable belts or a strap that fits securely around the arm. They also have inner pockets for holding a smartphone. When going on long runs, your adjustable belt can keep your valuables safe while you stay connected to your phone.

Smart Sports Equipment

Silicone mouthguard

Smart sports equipment measures training activity and provides feedback, especially for football and basketball. However, this equipment does more than a wearable. It not only measures calories burned, steps taken, and other essential metrics. It also tracks performance and form. Popular smart sports equipment includes basketballs and footballs.

Smart basketballs

Smart basketballs have sensors that track and analyze players’ performance. This smart sports equipment is great for beginners to experts. Players can even play alone and monitor their shooting metrics to improve their game. Coaches can also monitor their player’s performance and identify areas to improve.

Smart basketballs are usually made out of silicone rubber. Because of its abrasion, weather, and temperature resistance, basketballs made out of this elastomer can last as long as possible. In addition, the electrical properties of silicone prevent interference with the electric components in a smart basketball, ensuring accurate data at all times.  

Smart footballs

Smart footballs are similar to smart basketballs. However, they help players improve their football skills. This type of smart sports equipment has sensors that can detect speed, spin, and flight path. The feedback is often relayed on a connected app. In addition, a certified personal trainer, coach, and player can use this equipment to track player performance and improve training strategy.

Smart footballs are also made out of silicone rubber. Silicone rubber is an electrical insulator. Thus, it protects the electrical components in the football and prevents interference. The elastomer is also flexible and can be molded into footballs of several sizes.

Athletic Performance Wear

Running shoes

Athletic performance wear consists of different clothing that improves an athlete’s performance. This clothing improves performance, provides safety, and enhances comfort when worn during a workout. For instance, non-slip gloves improve grip, helping athletes lift properly.

Furthermore, athletic performance wear is breathable and absorbs moisture, keeping athletes cool and dry while they work out. Running shoes are one of the most popular athletic performance wear made from silicone rubber.

A running shoe’s outsole and heel cup can be made from silicone rubber. Because of its tear resistance, the sole can absorb impact and provide cushioning for runners.

Safety and Health Attentions

Wireless headphones

Silicone is widely used in sports and fitness gear due to its characteristic properties like durability, flexibility, and water and weather resistance. Nevertheless, there are still safety concerns when it comes to this elastomer. Some of these concerns include skin irritation, trapped moisture, and leaching.

Many people are concerned about having allergic reactions to silicone wearables. However, silicone rubber is inert and hypoallergenic, so it does not react with the skin. Nevertheless, monitoring reactions to silicone wearables is essential for people with sensitive skin. If there is any case of skin reactions, it is best to discontinue use.

Another safety concern is trapped moisture. A silicone smartwatch may trap moisture and heat under the skin, leading to rashes and irritation. Therefore, when producing silicone sports gear, it is essential to use a breathable design.

Furthermore, leaching is a health concern with sports water bottles and mouthguards. Usually, food-grade silicone is used in manufacturing products that come in contact with the skin. Nevertheless, when purchasing silicone products, looking out for fillers and additives is essential. These additives reduce the authenticity of silicone products and may leach.

How to Proper Care and Maintain Silicone Rubber Sports Products

Heavy duty resistance band

Although silicone rubber products are durable and last as long as possible, it is essential to maintain them to extend their shelf life. However, caring and maintenance are relative. How you would care for a smartwatch is not the same as you would for silicone running shoes. Here are tips for maintaining your silicone rubber sports products.

Swimming gear

Silicone swimming gear like swim caps and goggles should only be used for their intended purpose. After using the gear, wash with mild soap and rinse with fresh water to remove chlorine and other accumulated chemicals.

You can then dry it. It is best to air-dry your swim caps and goggles and avoid heat sources. Furthermore, regularly inspect the gear for wear and tear. If you notice cracks, it is best to replace the gear.

Fitness gear

You can clean your silicone exercise mat with a soft, damp cloth and dish soap. After wiping the mat, leave it out to dry for at least 30 minutes. Cleaning silicone exercise mats is essential to prevent the accumulation of dirt, germs, and nasty smells. Another maintenance tip for exercise mats is to roll them tightly and store them in a dry place with good ventilation.

It is best to wipe resistance bands with a damp cloth. Avoid using soap or cleaning products to prevent deterioration. Furthermore, store the bands in a dry place, away from heat sources.

Sports gear

After using sports gear like a mouthguard, cleaning it with a toothbrush and toothpaste after each use is essential. It should also be rinsed with cool water. Avoid drying the mouthguard with a heat source or cloth. Instead, leave it to air dry.

When not in use, keep the mouthguard in a perforated case to allow for circulation. At least once a week, it is essential to deep clean the mouthguard. Soaking the sports gear in an antibacterial mouth rinse can eliminate germs.

Wearable technology

Smartwatches are resilient because the band material is often made out of silicone rubber. Nevertheless, washing it with just any liquid will damage it. Wiping your watch’s silicone band with a damp microfiber cloth is best to remove debris and germs.

Other tips for maintaining wearable technology are keeping it away from sharp objects and avoiding exposure to extreme temperatures.

Smart sports equipment

After training with smart sports equipment, cleaning it with a clean, dry cloth is essential. Afterward, store the equipment in a cool, dry place away from extreme temperatures. Also, regularly inspect the equipment for wear and tear. Since most silicone smart sports equipment use batteries, charging it according to the manufacturer’s instructions is essential.

Athletic performance wear

Athletic performance wear like running shoes also needs care. After using your shoes, dry them out to prevent mildew and mold. However, avoid keeping the shoes in the sun for too long to prevent material degradation. Furthermore, if you want to clean the shoes, use an old toothbrush and mild soap.

Future of Silicone Rubber in Sports and Fitness Gear and Recommendations

Adjustable belt with two inner pockets

Manufacturers already utilize silicone rubber for sports and fitness. Nevertheless, there is still so much to be done. The need for silicone rubber and products is expected to boom over the next decade. There is an increasing demand for wearables and fitness gear.

Also, with improving technology, there is a growing demand for smart sports equipment to track and improve performance. As a silicone rubber products manufacturer, it is therefore essential to ensure that your sports products’ quality meets the safety and quality standards.

Furthermore, for athletes and fitness enthusiasts, comfort and functionality are paramount. Therefore, when developing products, consider your target market’s utmost need and create suitable products. Creating innovative and practical designs will also set you apart from the competition.


Silicone rubber is not just an elastomer for making cooking utensils. It is versatile and applicable in the sports industry. From exercise mats to smartwatches, the flexibility of this elastomer makes it an excellent choice for your products.

Incorporating quality silicone sports and fitness products into your product catalog will set you apart from the competition. You can learn more about silicone rubber in this guide.

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