9 Reasons to Choose Silicone Plates for Your Child [+ Real-Life Examples]

In recent years, silicone has become an alternative to other materials traditionally used in various industries. An excellent example is the food industry, which uses silicone products more frequently than ever. This article will define silicone plates and shed some light on 9 reasons to choose silicone plates for your child with real-life examples. 

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What Are Silicone Plates?

Silicone plates are manufactured using food-grade silicone. This synthetic material that contains oxygen, carbon, silicon, and hydrogen provides a non-toxic, safe, and easy-to-clean alternative to traditional plates such as plastic or stainless steel. On top of it, silicone offers excellent heat resistance, making it suitable for hot food. 

silicone plates and spoon

Globally, many parents have shifted to using silicone plates for their infants and toddlers, cashing on the benefits of silicone material. This has to do with the lightweight and high durability of these plates. On top of it, silicone plates come in versatile designs that offer children several purposes. Also, the colors and high portability make it fun for kids, even while you are traveling. 

Importance of Choosing the Right Plates for Children

Parents have significant concerns about their child’s safety. As a result, choosing the right silicone suction plate becomes vital for health, safety, and mealtime enjoyment. Moreover, choosing the proper silicone suction plate for children also helps ensure that your kids use safe and durable plates in case of mishandling or accidents. 

silicone plate for children

For instance, mishandling a glass plate is dangerous because it shatters easily upon impact. That is not true for silicone. Given silicone rubber’s high flexibility and durability, your kids stay safe even if they drop the plate and walk over it. 

Another reason silicone suction cup plates are beneficial is their lower environmental impact. If you opt for silicone, you reduce plastic use, leading to a decline in plastic waste. Also, make sure you get the right design and size. This helps ensure your kids get the right portion of the meal. Moreover, given the long life of silicone, it also proves to be cost-effective as you won’t have to invest in a new plate now and then. So yes, it is important to get the best toddler plates for your children.

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Benefits of Using Silicone Plates

Now that we know what silicone plates are and why it’s important to choose the right plates for your kid, let now quickly move to the 9 reasons why you must choose them for your child: 


A major advantage of using silicone plates is that they offer excellent safety. One angle to look at it is to talk about the risks associated with plastic plates. Here are three major risks associated with plastic plates: 

silicone tableware
  • BPA and phthalates can leach into food, especially when the plastic is heated, and can cause adverse health effects such as developmental problems, reproductive issues, and cancer.
  • Plastic plates can easily break, causing sharp edges that can harm children.
  • Plastic plates can pose several health risks, especially when they contain toxic chemicals such as bisphenol A (BPA) and phthalates.

Prevent Health Hazards

Here are three ways silicone plates prevent health hazards: 

  • Unlike plastic, silicone plates don’t contain any toxic materials such as phthalates or BPA.
  • Silicone also doesn’t break, which makes it durable and reduces the risk of injury for kids.
  • Heat-resistant silicone ensures no toxic chemicals leach into the food when hot.  

Easy to Clean

To understand how silicone food-grade plates provide an easy-to-clean solution, let’s first see how difficult it is to clean traditional plates: 

  • Scratches or stains developed over time on traditional glass or ceramic plates are harder to remove.
  • Other materials, such as bamboo toddler plates, wood plates, or stainless steel plates, do not support dishwasher cleaning, which makes it challenging. Hence, we can’t say that they are the best toddler plates.
  • Ceramic and glass plates also risk breaking when cleaning, so they aren’t the best toddler plates either.  

Advantages of Cleaning Silicone Plates

While traditional plates aren’t the easiest to clean, food-grade silicone plates offer a clean-friendly experience: 

dishwasher safe pastel color plates
  • Silicone suction plates are nonstick, making them a pleasure to clean with soap and water.
  • You can easily clean silicone suction plates using a dishwasher.
  • Silicone resists regular wear and tear thanks to the high abrasion resistance of the rubber material. 
  • If your child spills food over a silicone suction plate, a simple wipe with a damp cloth can do the job just right. 
  • Some silicone suction plates have a detachable design. They come with a removable suction cup which makes cleaning easier. 
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Silicone plates offer high portability as compared to traditional plates. Let’s see how:

Challenges of Carrying Traditional Plates

  • As discussed earlier, glass and ceramic plates have a high probability of cracking or breaking while traveling. Hence, it’s not safe to take them along on trips.
  • Due to their vulnerable nature, you must use additional protective gear to carry around glass or ceramic plates.

Advantages of Using Silicone Plates for Outdoor Activities

  • The silicone material is shatterproof. As a result, you can easily travel with it with peace of mind. 
  • Food-grade silicone plate is also lightweight, making it a pleasure to carry for outdoor activities such as picnics or camping. 
  • These plates can also withstand harsh outdoor temperatures and UV rays, making them ideal for travel and outdoor activities. 

You will often come across families who conveniently use portable food-grade silicone plates instead of plastic plates for travel. Not only are these plates travel-friendly, but they also offer a safer and more durable solution to your food needs. You can easily put them in a backpack without any fear of breaking. 


Unlike plastic, silicone is a non-toxic material. But let’s first see how toxic plastic can harm our kids: 

silicone plate

Risks Associated With Toxic Materials In Plates

Traditional plastic plates contain toxic materials such as phthalates, lead, and BPA. These materials are harmful to children, especially those who are in the developing phase of life. As a result, you must keep them away from these chemicals, which can also leach into the food.

Benefits Of Using Non-Toxic Silicone Plates

Silicone is a great alternative to toxic plastic plates because manufacturers use food-grade silicone to produce plates. As a result, it eradicates the threat of harmful chemicals since it is lead and BPA-free. Moreover, silicone’s heat-resistant properties prevent toxic chemicals from leaching into the food. 

Heat Resistant

Heat resistance is another aspect of silicone toddler plates that makes them safe for children. This is because traditional plates perform poorly under hot circumstances. 

heat resistance silicone plate

Risks Associated with Hot Plates

  • Hot plates can also damage surfaces such as wooden tables or countertops.
  • Traditional plates can cause burns or scalds, especially in children who may not understand the dangers of touching hot plates.
  • Traditional hot plates made of glass, ceramic, or stainless steel can become hot when heated in a microwave or oven.

Advantages of Using Silicone Plates

The heat resistance of silicone toddler plates allows you to serve food safely to kids. The plates don’t get hot and dissipate heat, making it easier to hold them. As a result, kids don’t get burns which can lead to accidental spills. Moreover, the non-slip nature of silicone toddler plates goes hand in hand with heat food resistance. It ensures the hot food stays on the plate and in your hands. 

Moreover, you must look for temperature recommendations for silicone suction cup plates before purchasing. You can even ask the manufacturer for a specific temperature-resistant range. Many restaurants use silicone toddler plates for the same reason.

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Dishwasher Safe

Silicone suction cup plates also stand out among traditional plates because they are dishwasher-safe. 

dishwasher silicone plate

Risks Associated with Plastic Dishwashing Plates

  • Washing plastic plates in a dishwasher can cause them to warp, crack, or become discolored.
  • Traditional plates made of plastic may not be dishwasher safe and can release harmful chemicals when washed at high temperatures.

Advantages of Using Silicone Plates

  • Silicone toddler plates are non-porous, meaning no chemicals, food particles, or bacteria can break inside the material.
  • Silicone suction cup plates can also be cleaned in a dishwasher at high temperatures without losing any physical or chemical properties. 

As a result, mothers find it relatively easier to handle silicone plates in the kitchen. They are safe for their kids to use and dishwasher-safe to be cleaned alongside other utensils, making them the best toddler plates.


Silicone plates are incredibly versatile, especially when it comes to design. You can place fully personalized orders to ensure your consumers get the right product for their needs. Some design-based customizations that you can ask for include the following:

Silicone plates
  • Texture: Manufacturers can customize the surface texture of silicone tableware to achieve a specific level of grip. This helps ensure that it’s easier for kids to hold the plate with a tight grip and avoid slips. 
  • Color: Silicone rubber allows for easy color customizations. As a result, families can have separate-colored plates for kids for different meals or keep them away from other utensils in the household.
  • Size: You can also request specific dimensions for silicone toddler plates based on the meal portion size for kids of various ages. 
sizes of  Silicone Plates


Silicone product manufacturers use vulcanization processes and additives to achieve different physical properties. Hence, you can customize the silicone plates’ flexibility based on consumer needs. 

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Silicone plates are cost-effective due to the following reasons: 

  1. Maintenance: Silicone toddler plates offer low-maintenance cleaning, which reduces the cost of cleaning supplies.
  2. Reusability: You can reuse silicone plates multiple times, reducing the need for frequent replacements. This can result in cost savings over time.
  3. Durability: Silicone toddler plates are durable and can withstand repeated use without cracking, breaking, or becoming brittle.
  4. Lifespan: Silicone divided plate has a longer lifespan than other materials, such as plastic or paper.


Silicone plates

The silicone rubber material is highly durable as it is reflected in its temperature, chemical, and abrasion resistance. It can withstand temperature ranges between -40 to 230 degrees Celsius.

On top of it, silicone retains its properties even if exposed to certain chemicals, including acids, alkalis, and solvents. It handles regular wear and tear well, thanks to solid abrasion resistance. Overall, it’s a great material for plates, especially for families who have kids since it has to go through a lot at their hands.  

A Brief Overview of Real-Life Examples

Now that we have discussed all 9 reasons you should opt for silicone plates for your child let’s quickly overview the real-life examples. Imagine a mother who struggles daily with their kid because they spill food and drop the plate. They must replace the plate, whether glass or ceramic, every time. 

Moreover, if it’s a plastic plate, they can’t reuse it. On top of it, plastic plates can release harmful chemicals when in contact with hot materials. Additionally, stainless steel plates can get hot for the kids to hold. Due to their incredible physical and chemical properties, this can be avoided with silicone plates. 

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To conclude, silicone plates have changed the way we feed our kids. It has made it safer, easier, more fun, and highly convenient for parents. If you are a business selling utensils for children, consider adding silicone plates to your inventory to simplify your consumers’ lives. Silicone also works incredibly well as a material for kids’ toys.

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