Top 10 Silicone Gaskets Manufacturers in China(2023)

Whether it's the automobile industry or mobile technology, you need silicone rubber gaskets that can withstand extreme temperatures and elements. Since you are here, you must be looking for reliable manufacturers that can provide you with high-quality silicone gaskets.  Lucky for you, the following blog posts list China's top custom silicone gasket manufacturers. All of them are well-equipped to meet your requirements.

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What Is a Silicone Gasket?

Silicone gasket is made of synthetic elastomers called silicone rubbers. They have excellent electrical insulating properties and are resistant to high temperatures. Silicone gaskets are more high performing, flexible, and dynamic than those made from other materials like rubber or plastic. They are used in various industries, including medical, aerospace, energy, food processing, etc.

silicone rubber gaskets and seals

Overview of Silicone Gaskets Manufacturers and Suppliers in China

PositionCompany NameYear EstablishedLocationEmploy
1Hongju Silicone1999Dongguan50-100
2BRP Product2000Hangzhou150-200 
3Kaxite Sealing 1996Ningbo100-120
4Haotian Silicone 2015Dongguan200
5LongSeal 2002Cixi 300-400 
7QL Rubber 2000Haining100-150 
8Respon Moulding 2002Xiamen50-100 
9Yaoming Rubber 2012Haining 100
10Eshine Rubber2010Shenzhen 50-100

Company Summaries

We have briefly reviewed each company to help you learn about its capabilities.

1. Dongguan Hongju Silicone Rubber Products Co., Ltd.

Dongguan Hongju Silicone Rubber Products Co., Ltd.

If you want to buy premium-quality silicone rubber seals and gaskets, Hongju Silicone is your best bet. The company focuses on improving the customer experience by offering custom die-cut silicone gaskets of different shapes, dimensions, and thicknesses.

Hongju Silicone prides itself on its experienced team, who have decades of experience in silicone gasket design and bulk production. Hongju Silicone uses premium quality material to provide robust silicone rubber gaskets. They ensure maximum safety courtesy of compliance with FDA regulations.

The company’s capabilities include compression molding, liquid injection molding, and die cutting.

Main Products and Services


  • Secure Packaging
  • Harmless Rubber Gasket Materials
  • After-Sales Service
  • Complete Product Inspection

2. Hangzhou Bright Rubber Plastic Product Co., Ltd

Hangzhou Bright Rubber Plastic Product Co., Ltd

Featuring certificates from FDA, UL94, and SGS, BRP is a high-tech manufacturer with customers from diverse backgrounds. The company designs custom gaskets using various silicone materials that are flame retardant, chemically inert, and electrically conductive

The company has over two decades of experience with versatile custom molding capabilities such as injection molding, cast molding, and die cutting. The engineering teams work day and night to design custom gasket products that guarantee exceptional performance.

BRP stands out among the other manufacturers by offering precise cutting and smooth edges with minimal silicone waste.

Main Products and Services

  • Silicone Rubber Gaskets
  • Molded Silicone Gaskets
  • Nitrile Rubber Gaskets
  • Closed Cell Silicone Sponge
  • Customer Rubber Gaskets


  • Exceptional Customer Service
  • Secure Packaging
  • Super-Fast Delivery

3. Ningbo Kaxite Sealing Materials Co., Ltd.

Ningbo Kaxite Sealing Materials Co., Ltd.

Ningbo Kaxite Sealing Material believes in continuous innovation to offer state-of-the-art silicone rubber gaskets in different industries. Furthermore, the company guarantees product quality by implementing an international standardized management system. Hence, all the products are environmentally friendly and pass the ISO quality.

Courtesy of the CNC machinery, Kaxite is fully equipped to meet the customers’ high or low-volume silicone gaskets demand. Most importantly, the dynamic CNC machinery can cut silicone in different shapes or sizes as per the requirement. Ningbo Kaxite offers the best possible production gaskets at affordable prices to improve customer satisfaction.

Main Products and Services

  • Silicone Rubber Gaskets
  • Gasket Sheet
  • Gasket Tape
  • FKM Rubber Gasket
  • Soft Gaskets
  • Sanitary Gaskets
  • Other Custom Rubber Gaskets


  • FDA-Approved Material
  • Prompt Customer Service
  • Competitive prices

4. Dongguan Haotian silicone technology Co., Ltd.

Dongguan Haotian silicone technology Co., Ltd.

As an expert in research and development, Haotian Silicone Technology takes pride in its skilled engineering team offering customized and die-cut silicone gaskets. Also, other teams work collectively to adhere to quality control and secure packaging for optimal customer experience.

The company manufactures eco-friendly and solid silicone gaskets in desired shape and design with an embossed logo. One of the most significant advantages of ordering silicone gaskets from Dongguan Haotian is one-stop service, quality control, and prompt response.

Main Products and Services

  • Silicone Rubber Gaskets
  • Shockproof Pad
  • Sealing Products
  • Other Products


  • 24 Hours Technical Support
  • Quality Inspection
  • Offer Free Samples

5. LongSeal Seals and Gasket Supplier

LongSeal Seals and Gasket Supplier

With a quality production rate of more than 99.7 percent, LongSeal Seals and Gasket Supplier offers super-fast delivery of high-performing products. As a result, the company enjoys a global clientele of more than 750 clients served by its expert workers and sales team.

The state-of-the-art facility covers an area of 30,000 sq. meters. The products are passed through rigorous quality assurance tests to meet industry standards. Long Seal has acquired certifications from FDA and RoHS for its products, which means you can trust them with closed eyes.

Main Products and Services

  • Silicone Gaskets
  • Metallic Gaskets
  • Fiberglass Tape
  • Environmental Sealing Products


  • Quality Assurance
  • Exceptional After-Sales Service
  • Quick Delivery
  • Affordable Pricing

6. Xiamen Digeer Rubber and Plastic Co., Ltd.

Xiamen Digeer Rubber And Plastic Co., Ltd.

Founded in 2015, Digeer is another reliable manufacturer for your custom gasket needs. Though relatively new, they have extensive industry knowledge to provide you with tailored solutions.

Digeer uses many materials, including silicone compounds, silicone rubbers, and other synthetic elastomers. The gasket material is extremely high-temperature grade providing the product the added durability. The factory has all the latest equipment, allowing the company to cater to OEM and ODM demands.

Main Products and Services

  • Silicone Gasket
  • FFKM Gasket
  • NBR Gasket
  • SBR Gasket
  • Molded Silicone Products


  • Low MOQ
  • Multiple Production Lines
  • Highly Responsive

7. Haining Qianlang Rubber Products Factory

Haining Qianlang Rubber Products Factory

Deploying advanced rubber gasket technology, Qianlang has been manufacturing affordable and robust custom silicone rubber gaskets for over two decades. The company prioritizes its customers’ requirements and offers customized solutions, samples, and prototypes.

Qianlang offers a variety of custom gaskets utilizing materials to its potential clients, from elastomeric to non-elastomeric materials. The silicone rubber gaskets produced by Haining Qianlang offer unmatched low and high-temperature resistance. The company also focuses on the self-resilience and elasticity of the silicone gasket to ensure proper sealing.

Main Products and Services

  • FKM Quad-Ring Gaskets
  • FKM Silicone Gasket
  • Custom PTFE Gasket
  • Food-Grade Solid Silicone Gaskets


  • Affordable Price
  • Quality Control System
  • Extensive Manufacturing Experience
  • Prototypes and Samples

8. Respon Moulding Co., Ltd.

Respon Moulding Co., Ltd.

Respon Moulding Company is a diverse enterprise offering high-quality custom silicone gaskets, seals, and other molded parts. The company can help you with both tooling and mass production.

As a customer, you own the customized molds with IP rights to the design. Hence, the company doesn’t disclose or share your designs by signing the non-disclosure agreement (NDA). The next phase is manufacturing the customized gasket via compression molding to guarantee accuracy and precision.

Main Products and Services

  • Molded Silicone Rubber Gaskets
  • Custom Silicone Gasket
  • Molded Rubber Seals
  • Molded Kitchen Tools
  • Other Products


  • Versatile Capabilities
  • Confidentiality of the Customer’s Design
  • Modern Equipment

9. Haining Yaoming Rubber Corporation Ltd

Haining Yaoming Rubber Corporation Ltd

Haining Yaoming Rubber Corporation believes that a well-equipped state-of-the-art testing facility and a team of experienced professionals are the recipes for success. Hence, the company offers customized solutions according to the customer’s samples and drawings.

Another important aspect where Haining Yaoming invests is the annual production capacity to meet the ever-growing demands of the customers. As a result, the company guarantees precise and high-performing products that meet International standards. Haining Yaoming enjoys an international customer base in Japan, America, Europe, and other countries.

Main Products and Services

  • Custom Silicone Rubber Gaskets
  • Fluorosilicone Gaskets
  • EPDM Sealing Gasket
  • NBR Washer gasket
  • Custom NBR Gasket


  • High Product Quality
  • Meets International Standards
  • Customized Solution
  • Environmental Friendly

10. Eshine Rubber Products Co., Ltd.

Eshine Rubber Products Co., Ltd.

Being specialists in manufacturing premium rubber and silicone products, Eshine is committed to offering customized solutions. Its international customer base relies on customized sponge silicone gaskets, which are reliable and long-lasting.

Eshine Rubber products prioritize its customers and their feedback and offer unconditional refunds in case of unsatisfactory response. Conversely, you can evaluate the free standard samples and test their resilience under pressure and at high or extremely low temperatures.

The company believes in diversity and customization and welcomes OEM and ODM orders to expand its customer base.

Main Products and Services

  • Foam Silicone Gaskets
  • Die Cutting Silicone Gasket
  • Joint Sealant
  • Other Custom Gaskets and Seals


  • Safe Packing and Delivery
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Free Standard Samples
  • Unconditional Refund

4 Benefits of Importing Silicone Gaskets from China

In 2020, China’s exports reached up to 2.65 trillion. That’s why China is considered one of the biggest economies globally. Different manufacturers in China export high-quality customized and bulk products to different countries, ensuring safe and fast delivery.

Hence, businesses can reap the following four benefits by importing silicone gaskets from China.

Competitive Cost

Importing goods involves higher costs; however, it’s not the case when importing silicone gasket seals from China. The dynamic and efficient manufacturers have fully equipped and scalable facilities. As a result, the companies can successfully create customized molds and design special silicone gaskets.

Finally, the manufacturers offer massive discounts when the customers order rubber gaskets in bulk.

Customer Services

The silicon manufacturers in China are unbeatable in offering prompt customer service to their clients. Also, the online portal provides the convenience of filling out an online query form for an initial quote.

After the successful delivery of the silicone gaskets, the manufacturers in China offer post-sales services to enhance the overall customer satisfaction rate.

Improved Profits

The first business rule is asking experts to create products such as silicone gaskets. Later the companies can use these gaskets to develop medical equipment or other household items.

On the contrary, producing silicone gaskets in the home country involves higher staff, equipment, and facility cost. Hence, the overall profit margins are relatively lower than importing silicone gaskets in bulk from China.

Market Expansion

We understand that silicone gaskets are integral to medical equipment, food processing, home appliances, etc. Hence, the companies can benefit from the dynamic application of silicone gaskets and expand the market by manufacturing different products that use rubber gaskets.

Also, silicone manufacturers in China offer custom solutions to clients to meet their requirements. Businesses can leverage these services to expand their footprint and increase revenue streams.


With China being a global hub for manufacturing, it is no surprise that the country is a leading producer of silicone gaskets as well. The article notes that silicone gaskets can be tailored to meet specific requirements and are commonly used in industries such as automotive, construction, and electronics. Choosing the right silicone gasket manufacturer in China is an important step in ensuring the quality and performance of the finished product.

Looking for Silicone Gaskets? Hongju Silicone Can Help You

After reading the above guide, you know you can contact and rely on Hongju Silicone. We offer custom gasket designs to fulfill different requirements. No matter which size, precision, or shape you require, Hongju Silicone guarantees an optimized gasket solution. You’ll get an instant quote online and a prototype within three to five working days.

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