Top 10 Silicone Finger Protectors Manufacturers and Suppliers in China

Are you looking for the best Silicone finger protectors? Then you don't need to worry anymore because this post contains complete details of the top 10 producers and suppliers of Silicone finger protectors in China. All of these manufacturers and suppliers are known for their top-quality, long-lasting, and reliable silicone-oriented finger protectors with great customer service. So, just go through our page to find the best option now!

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What are Silicone Finger Protectors?

Silicone finger protectors are fingertip protectors which are made from silicone. These protectors keep the fingers and nails safe from damage and cuts while working with finger-sensitive tasks. These tasks include handling glass, sticky dab tools, hot bowls, concentrates, and others.

Top Silicone Finger Protectors Manufacturers and Suppliers in China

This table contains useful information regarding the top Silicone finger protectors in China, ranked by product quality. Additional details regarding the companies such as their headquarters location, workforce, and year of establishment are also included.

PositionCompany NameYear EstablishedLocationEmployee
1Hongju Silicone1999Dongguan50-100
2Haotian Silicone2015Dongguan30-50
3DeYu Silicone2008Dongguan30-50
4XinCheng Silicone2005Dongguan50-70
5Hong Ye Jie1998Shenzhen60-70
6OTT New Materials2010Guangzhou30-50
10Sifei Silicon2006 Jiangsu18

Company Summaries

We will introduce each company to you in detail below. In this way, you will be able to understand their capabilities, advantages, and primary products.

Dongguan Hongju Silicone Rubber Products Co., Ltd.

Dongguan Hongju Silicone Rubber Products Co., Ltd.

One of the top-quality manufacturers and suppliers of silicone finger protectors is Hongju Silicone which is based in Dongguan City. This is undoubtedly at the top due to its product quality and reliability. Hongju has more than two decades of professional experience in manufacturing silicone products. They use premium quality silicone which is ultimately reflected in their products.

Hongju Silicone has a highly qualified workforce as well as upgraded manufacturing equipment. It manufactures premium quality silicone products through Silicone ODM and OEM services. Using high-tech procedures and machines for manufacturing all silicone-oriented products is the trademark of this renowned exporter.

Company Advantages:

  • Quick Delivery
  • Wholesale and Economical Price
  • Durable Products
  • Reliable Packing
  • Complete Customizability

Main Products and Services:

  • Silicone Finger Protectors
  • Silicone Mats
  • Silicone Rubber Feet
  • Seals, Gas Kits, and Seals
  • Custom Moulded Products

Dongguan Haotian Silicone Technology Co., Ltd.

Dongguan Haotian Silicone Technology Co., Limited

Haotian Silicone Technology has been in the business of manufacturing silicone-oriented products for around seven years. The reason behind being in the second position is due to its product endurance and packing. Primarily it manufactures customized silicone products through its dependable machinery and workforce.

Products manufactured by Haotian Silicone are also delivered to various parts of Europe, especially in western Europe, eastern Europe, and most parts of the middle east. It also offers ODM and OEM services for a better client experience. Haotian Silicone Technology has a QA control team that ensures product reliability and endurance throughout the production procedures. The Silicone finger protectors are packed as per the customer’s demand.

Company Advantages:

  • Eco-Friendly Manufacturer
  • Offers Cheap and Competitive Price
  • Provides Premium Products
  • Reliable Packaging
  • Offers Custom Shape, Craft, and Design

Main Products and Services:

  • Silicone Rubber Parts
  • Silicone Rubber Cover
  • Silicone Houseware
  • Silicone Baby Products
  • Silicone Finger Protectors

Dongguan DeYu Silicone Rubber Industrial Co. Ltd

Dongguan DeYu Silicone Rubber Industrial Co. Limited

DeYu Silicone Rubber has a long history of developing Silicone rubber products for international clients. Your search will conclude here if you want to save your money and find a suitable manufacturer for Silicone finger protectors. The factory has more than a decade of experience in manufacturing quality-rich silicone products.

West Europe, East Europe, North Europe, Asia, and the Middle East are some of the markets in which DeYu Silicone has a good client base. It is a large factory covering an area of around 3000 square meters. This manufacturer is well-equipped with the latest tools and skills as well as compliance with international standards. DeYu Silicone Rubber manufactures almost all types of Silicone-oriented products and it is also a good supplier of these goods.

Company Advantages:

  • Experienced manufacturer
  • Convenient Product Delivery
  • Payment through Advanced Payment Systems like Paypal
  • Positive Feedback
  • 24/7 Sales Representative Support

Main Products and Services:

  • Silicone Cell Phone Covers
  • Silicone Wristbands
  • Silicone Watch Bands
  • Silicone Kitchenware
  • Silicone Gifts
  • Silicone Jewelry

Dongguan XinCheng Silicone Rubber Electronic

Dongguan XinCheng Silicone Rubber Electronic

Established in 2005, XinCheng Silicone has experience in developing various rubber and silicone products. This business also exports silicone finger covers to numerous areas of the globe such as North Europe, West Europe, East Europe, and Asia. It has a workforce of around 50 employees including professional engineers, QA testers, and other skilled staff.

The sales of XinCheng Silicone are also very high due to their reliability and professionalism. The development of rubber also takes place in the factory. It includes customized gloves, kitchenware, and other items. You can request the samples through the mail, phone, or internet-based inquiry.

Company Advantages:

  • Fast Delivery
  • Low MOQ Requirements
  • Quick After-Sales Support
  • Customized Design

Main Products and Services:

  • Finger Tips Protectors
  • Rubber Kitchenware
  • Silicone Houseware

Shenzhen Hong Ye Jie Technology Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Hong Ye Jie Technology Co., Limited

Hong Ye Jie is a reliable production and supplying factory with more than two decades of experience. It was one of the biggest liquid silicone rubber exporters back in 2014. Reliability and endurance has always been a preference for this factory. It has served customers with quality-rich products from 138 countries including Asia and major parts of Europe. It has two professional teams namely, R&D and the sales team.

The employee power of this wholesale development and trading company is one of its hot tags. It produces all types of Silicone products ranging from rubber molds to complex CPU designs. Hong Ye Jie also provides you the ability to customize your products with complete product details.

Company Advantages:

  • Long-Term Experience
  • Complete Customizability
  • Reliable Supply Over the World
  • Economical Price
  • High-End Processing Technology

Main Products and Services:

  • Medical Grade Body Grade Silicone Products
  • Glue Gun
  • Finger Tips Protectors
  • Food Grade Platinum Cure Silicone-Oriented Products
  • Molding Rubber
  • Silicone Gel
  • Embossing and Screen Printing Products

Guangzhou OTT New Materials Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou OTT New Materials Co., Limited

OTT New Materials is an expert in making silicone-oriented products of all kinds. It also serves as a trading company and has experience of more than a decade in delivering reliable goods throughout the globe. For liquid RTV silicone, OTT utilizes its well-equipped R&D department. However, its workforce is lesser in quantity than most of its competitors in the industrial sector.

The factory has a great supply chain management mechanism and adheres to international standards like FDA, MSDS, EU, and RoHS. It produces high-quality finger protection gloves and covers. You can get in touch with OTT Materials for an inquiry about products and customizations in which you are interested.

Company Advantages:

  • International Certifications
  • Experienced Supplier Business
  • Competitive Price
  • Convenient Website
  • Fast and Reliable Delivery Network

Main Products and Services:

  • Tin Cure Silicone Rubber
  • Platinum Cure Silicone Rubber
  • Encapsulants and Potting Compounds
  • Pad Printing
  • Finer Glass
  • Gloves
  • Glue Gun

Qingdao Haisheng Mould Co., Ltd.

Qingdao Haisheng Mould Co., Limited

Haisheng Mould is a renowned production and trading company in China. It was founded in 2010 and has a good customer rating around the world as well as in China. Although it is a small-scale supplier with only 25 employees, its product quality is quite reliable when it comes to economical price. OEM and ODM sectors are the primary ones for which this supplier works.

There are a lot of easier ways to contact them such as mail, phone, and other platforms for getting different product details. Haisheng Mould also adheres to essential standards. The business has its origin in Qingdao City located in China. It also accepts payments through Western Union, Paypal, and other platforms. You just need to forward the message requesting payment sending details.

Company Advantages:

  • Answers Quickly Through Live Support
  • FDA Adherent Business in China
  • Sell Finger Protection Products on Economical Price
  • Quick Service
  • Good International Image

Main Products and Services:

  • Silicone Plastic
  • Car Molds
  • Rubber Molds
  • Injections

Guangdong Olivia Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.

Guangdong Olivia Chemical Industry Co. Limited

Olivia Chemical is one of the most experienced producers of silicone-oriented products. It was founded in 2002 in China and has a very professional team of engineers and QA experts consisting of around 100 employees. It fulfills all the OEM needs of customers around the world with a positive image. Not only finger-tip products, but the business also offers numerous types of sealants.

When it comes to the subject of product details, the sale, and product pricing, it provides economical and better solutions. You can easily contact the supplier through the mail, and other latest platforms from China as well as overseas. It also offers ODM service with a 15 days product delivery duration time period.

Company Advantages:

  • Experienced in Developing Latest Products
  • Customizability
  • Quick Bolt Delivery
  • Excellent Raw Materials
  • Internationally Standardized

Main Products and Services:

  • Neutral and Acetic Sealant
  • Glass Sealant
  • Liquid-Silicone
  • Silicone Adhesives
  • Aquarium Sealant



One of the most renowned developers and suppliers of silicone products is Insilicone which is also called Overseas Silicone. This supplier has almost 15 years of extensive experience in the development of super-reliable products. It can also provide you with rubber and PVC-based products as it has skillful staff and up-to-date machinery.

InSilicone uses hydraulic vacuum forming equipment which makes it possible to form world-class products. A 24/7 live sale team is also available to help with problems. It also makes finger covers with extreme precision which will save you from burns and other health risks. They sell products all around the globe with a very positive image from their clients. You can contact the supplier through their website easily.

Company Advantages:

  • Various International Certifications (ISO, SEDEX, BSCI, FDA)
  • Quick Product Delivery
  • Fast Production
  • Reliable Products

Main Products and Services:

  • Silicone Baby Products
  • Kitchenware
  • Makeup and Beauty Products
  • Silicone Jewelry
  • Silicone Mobile Phone and Accessories
  • Silicone Finger Protectors

Suzhou Sifei Silicon and Rubber Products Co., Ltd.

Suzhou Sifei Silicon and Rubber Products Co., Limited

Sifei Silicon is a good supplier of silicone-oriented products in China. It has been developing these products since 2006 and has wide experience of supplying goods all around the world. Fingertips protectors are one of its landmarks. As China is the origin of this supplier, its customer base of it is worldwide. This supplier also follows essential standards for smooth product development.

You can protect the outer parts of the finger as well as the inner parts as high-end silicone is used in its fingertips protectors. Product alert is one of the main features of these kinds of suppliers. You can contact this wholesale dealer physically as well if you are in China. Otherwise, other online means are also available.

Company Advantages:

  • Low MOQs
  • Prominent Image
  • FDA and ISO Approved
  • Quick Delivery

Main Products and Services:

  • Silicone Rubber O Ring
  • Silicone Finger Protect Cover
  • Silicone Rubber Products

5 Benefits of Importing Silicone Finger Protectors from China

China has become one of the primary exporters of goods to the entire world. Chinese products are considered prominent in terms of price, quality, and reliability. It also develops silicone finger protectors on a large scale. The hidden benefits behind importing these goods and especially the silicone finger protectors are as follows:

Quality-Based Products

All the products produced in China are quality-oriented because their suppliers use state-of-the-art technology and raw materials to produce goods. The suppliers also adhere to international quality standards like ISO and EU to provide you with world-class products in order to protect and enhance the quality of products.

Economical Rates

Chinese suppliers make assure that the products being manufactured are of economical price without compromising on quality. There are quite low chances that you get rich-standard products lower than the Chinese rates. You can compare the entire global market and will find that the Chinese market is the most reliable one.

Quick Production Facilities

Chinese production industry has advanced machining, tools, and equipment for standardized and quick goods production. That is why you can get your products delivered within around two weeks of time. You will never get this sort of speed from any other supplier in the world.

Convenient Import Rules

It has always been soo easy to import goods from China because of its relaxed rules. It encourages trade between different countries to enhance business structures. You will get full support and guidance while importing products from there. They will forward your request to the supply-management team and you are good to go.

After-Sales Support

Chinese goods producers not only protect your goods while importing through reliable packing but also provide 24/7 after-sales support. You can hope for the best support through your preferred platform even if you want to get support through a social media account.

Looking for Silicone Finger Protectors? Hongju Can Help You

If you are looking for world-class silicone finger protectors, Hongju is here for you. It is undoubtedly at the top of manufacturers and suppliers who have a 100% customer satisfaction rate. With affordable prices, premium quality products, and extreme reliability, Hongju is the master of silicone product development. So, just contact us now to get the most quality-rich, reliable, and economical finger protectors now!

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