Top 10 Silicone Rubber Keypads Manufacturers and Suppliers in China(2023)

Silicon rubber keypads are a versatile, flexible, and important component in almost any digital device. There are many Chinese manufacturers and suppliers who provide such silicone products but it's challenging to find the right one for your business. Here we have narrowed down the top ten silicone keypad manufacturers & suppliers to make your selection process more convenient. Keep reading to know more!

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What are Silicone Rubber Keypads?

Silicone rubber keypads are created from a synthetic polymer that combines various materials. They are an excellent alternative to natural rubber keypads because of their high-temperature performance, abrasion resistance, stability, and durability. Silicone rubber keypads also last four times longer than natural rubber ones.

Due to these unique properties, they exhibit high resistance to harsh elements. No matter what may happen, silicone rubber keypads will retain their shape and flexibility. 

Top 10 Silicone Rubber Keypads Manufacturers and Suppliers in China

Here is a list of top silicone rubber keypad manufacturers and suppliers in China. They are ranked according to product quality, materials, advantages, and production services.

PositionCompany NameYear EstablishedLocationEmployee Size
1Hongju Silicone1999Dongguan50-100
2Lindas Hardware2003Xiamen51-100
3Neway Rubber2005Xiamen11-50
4Better Silicone2018Xiamen51-100
5Bohao Electronic2010Dongguan101-200
6ZDX Technology2010Shenzen51-100
7Momao ( Flexkys )2012Nanjing51-100
8Ai Industry Co2014Shenzen51-100
9LuPhi Electronics2008Dongguan<200
10Shangchen Technology2016Shenzen11-50

Below is the introduction of all companies listing their names, main products, and how they can benefit you:

#1 Dongguan Hongju Silicone Rubber Products Co., Ltd

(Silicone Rubber Products Manufacturer and Wholesale Supplier)

Hongju Silicone Rubber Products Co., Ltd

With over 20 years of experience, Hongju is one of China’s finest silicone rubber keypad manufacturers and suppliers. They use only premium quality raw materials for producing high-grade silicone rubber products.

Hongju provides OEM and ODM services for producing and designing custom products.

Hongju has a highly-skilled and trained workforce and a properly equipped working area. They can produce both minimum and maximum quantities of silicone rubber products.

Main products


  • Free sample.
  • Fast Turnaround Time.
  • Best Price.
  • Low Minimum Original Quantity.
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#2 Xiamen Lindas Hardware Industrial Co., Ltd

(Rubber & Silicone products manufacturer and exporter)

Lindas Hardware Industrial Co., Ltd

Lindasis a long-term rubber manufacturer and seller. For more than 11 years, they have been producing OEM standard industrial and custom rubber and plastic products. Their services include silicone rubber keypads manufactured through compression and injection molding.

With a notable 5,000-10,000 square meters of factory area, Lindas has the necessary equipment to produce high-quality products to meet customers’ requirements. They own ten production lines for manufacturing and are renowned for selling their custom products at affordable pricing.

Main Products

  • Silicone Rubber Keypads.
  • Silicone Rubber Parts.
  • Rubber Extrusion Tubes.
  • Rubber Grommet, Balls, and Bands.
  • Rubber gasket and O-Rings.


  • OEM Services.
  • Diverse Customized and Standard Commercial Parts Catalog.

#3 Xiamen Neway Rubber & Plastic Products Co., Ltd

(Silicone Products Manufacturer and Exporter)

Neway Rubber & Plastic Products Co., Ltd

Neway is a small-sized company with less than 50 employees. But the, fewer workers don’t affect the quality of their silicone rubber products. The company is a multispeciality supplier. They offer OEM and ODM services to manufacture mold, rubber, metal, and plastic parts.

Neway specializes in producing rubber gaskets, rubber hoses, grommets, and custom silicone rubber keypads. They provide a variety of designs in silicone keypads.

Main Products

  • Silicone Parts.
  • Rubber gasket, grommet, O-rings.
  • Foam Rubber Parts.
  • Rubber, bellow, cover, and pads.


  • Keypad Design Variations.
  • Excellent Catalog

#4 Xiamen Better Silicone Rubber Co., Ltd

(Custom silicone & rubber products manufacturer and seller)

Better Silicone Rubber Co., Ltd

Better Silicone specializes in making compression molding and LSR injection products. They are a custom manufacturer with a small workforce and a 1920-meter square factory area. 

Better Silicone has four full production plants working to produce custom and precision molded silicone rubber parts. The company follows the principle of “Better quality, better price, and better service” to supply products worldwide.

One major drawback is that they provide no free samples.

Main Products

  • Silicone Keyboard and keypads.
  • Silicone baby care and lifestyle products.
  • Automotive and food-grade parts.
  • LSR components.
  • Rubber valves.


  • Verified Supplier.
  • Low Minimum Order Quantity.

#5 Dongguan Bohao Electronic Technology Co, Ltd

(Silicone rubber and membrane switch manufacturer and supplier)

Bohao Electronic Technology Co, Ltd

Bohao Electronic is a custom manufacturer of silicone rubber keypads. But their capabilities are not limited to this as they also develop other products such as plastic components, instruments and meters, and military equipment.

Currently, Bohao Technology owns two factories and 32 molding machines. They have over 15 years of experience in silicone parts manufacturing. Bohao can provide independent structure design and development processes according to customer requirements.

Main Products

  • Silicone Rubber Keypads.
  • Military Equipment.
  • Rubber O-Ring and Seal.
  • Membrane Switches.
  • Silicone Gasket.


  • Short Development Cycle.
  • Independent development processes.
  • Excellent Catalog.

#6 Shenzhen ZDX Technology Co., Limited

(Silicone product manufacturer and exporter)

ZDX Technology Co., Limited

ZDX Technology is a silicone membrane switch and rubber keypad manufacturer providing customized production. They use high-quality imported raw materials according to their procurement standards.

ZDX manufactures membrane keyboards, switches, and keypad panels by providing multiple debugging and detection to ensure zero error in the product. Their experienced staff also tests and ensures quality control of the silicone rubber keypads.

They create membrane switches and equipment for the medical, industrial, transportation, and electronics industry. This company is also a Shenzhen Film Panel Industry Association Council member. ZDX has one drawback. They have a less diverse product catalog. 

Main Products

  • Membrane Switch.
  • Membrane Keypad Panel.
  • Flexible Circuit.


  • Detection and Debugging.
  • Rubber Keypad Variations.
  • Good catalog.

#7 Nanjing Momao ( Flexkys ) Electronic Technology Co., Ltd

(Silicone membrane switch manufacturer and wholesale supplier)

Momao ( Flexkys ) Electronic Technology Co., Ltd

Flexkys is a leading manufacturer of membrane switch and silicone rubber keypads in Shenzen. Their products are widely deployed in industrial applications, domestic, industrial, exercise and telecommunication equipment.

Flexkys is an OEM manufacturer, plus they use all RoHS-certified materials. These rules restrict the use of maximum toxic substances in electronic components. One drawback is that Flexkys provide service to limited regions.

Main Products

  • Silicone Keyboard.
  • Silicone Keypad.
  • Membrane Switch.
  • Force Sensitive Resistor.
  • Graphic Overlay.


  • Diverse catalog.
  • Development of Prototypes.
  • Customized Volume Production.
  • Partner with Companies like Haier and Whirlpool.

#8 Shenzhen Ai Industry Co., Limited

(Silicone rubber parts manufacturer and exporter)

Ai Industry Co., Limited

Established in 2014, Ai-Silicone has earned a name in producing customized silicone sealant.

Silicone sealants bond common materials such as plastic, glass, metal, and ceramic.

The company has three workshops. A solid silicone rubber parts molding workshop, a liquid silicone rubber parts injection workshop, and a 3M self-adhesive bumper workshop.

Ai-Silicone manufacture specializes in manufacturing high-precision silicone rubber keypads. They also produce custom food-grade silicone products. Ai-Silicone believes in the ‘customers first’ motto. The company’s main goal is to fulfill consumers’ demands by delivering high-quality products at a low cost.

The major drawback is less focus on research.

Main Products

  • Silicone Rubber Keypad.
  • Silicone Medical Parts.
  • Fingers & Toes Care Products.
  • 3M Adhesive Silicone Bumper Pads.


  • Good catalog.
  • Certified suppliers.
  • High-precision production.
  • Competitive prices.

#9 Dongguan LuPhi Electronics Technology Co., Ltd

(Silicone Rubber Keypads & Membrane Switches Manufacturer)

LuPhi Electronics Technology Co., Ltd

Luphi Touch is a membrane switch and silicone rubber keypad manufacturing company providing excellent quality control. Its primary focus is to offer the latest technology products and services. They have less than 200 workers working on an impressive 3000 square meters of factory area.

Luphi Touch offers a variety of suggestions for component selection and building custom membrane switches. They also outsource LED/LCD, PCB, plastic molds, and touchscreen panels from other manufacturers. But their product catalog is not diverse.

Main Products

  • Membrane Switch.
  • Silicone Rubber Keypad.
  • Liquid Silicone Injection Parts Production.


  • Options for Customized Production.
  • High-Quality Rubber Products.
  • Excellent consumer services.
  • Design Flexibility.

#10 Shenzhen Shangchen Technology Co., Ltd

(Silicone products development, research, and supplier services)

Shangchen Technology Co., Ltd

Sacen Rubber provides low-cost solutions for customized silicone, waterproof, silicone over-molding, and rubber products.

The company boasts eight silica gel-forming and 2 2.5 dimensional measuring images equipment. Sacen provides both OEM and ODM services for producing customized silicone rubber parts.

Main Products

  • Silicone rubber keypads.
  • Silicone waterproof products.
  • Silicone case and mat.


  • OEM/ODM services.
  • High Precision products.
  • Low-cost customized solution.

Benefits of Importing Silicone Rubber Keypads from China

Here are some benefits that you’ll get if you import silicone rubber keypads from China:

Low Cost

All over the world, labor, logistics, and manufacturing costs are increasing. But China’s costs remain lower due to an excellent and mature supply chain. So, you’ll get silicone rubber keypads at the best price.

Large Volume

If you want to create your design and wish to import it, a large quantity of silicone rubber keypads from China will be in your favor. China is a leading producer of silicone, accounting for 64% of estimated global silicone production. So, you can easily import large quantities at a lower price.

Quick Delivery

China’s business structure is far more advanced and innovative than the established world standards. The country also has more manufacturing capabilities. This helps in instant production and quick delivery.


When choosing a silicone rubber keypad manufacturer, ensure they have a wide range of products and designs. Good companies are cooperative and always offer the best products at competitive rates.

We suggest checking out Hongju. Our company has experience of over 20 years in producing innovative and sustainable products.

The prominent products that our esteemed customers like the most are Silicone Rubber Keypads, O-Rings, Gaskets, Grommets, Seals, and much more. Hongju always goes the extra mile for its customers. All the products will be customized according to your requirements. For more information, contact us now!

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