Top 10 Rubber Seals Manufacturers and Suppliers in China(2023)

There are hundreds of major China-located manufacturers and suppliers of rubber and oil seals at the moment. However, if you only want good-quality products made with the most refined chemical processing, you need to know exactly who to call on!

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We’ve done an extensive survey and found the 10 best China manufacturers and suppliers of mechanical seal products in 2022. See all about them below!

What is a Rubber Seal?

Rubber gaskets and seals are used to create airtight and watertight spaces. A rubber seal is usually the base material of choice for different circumstances and scenarios thanks to its high compatibility with other products and impressive temperature resistance capabilities.

Because of their numerous amazing properties, these rubber products and seal materials have found ready application in various industries ranging from the food processing space to the automotive industry as sealing products, mechanical seals, and even base motorcycle parts.

However, how well these rubber parts serve in any particular application is dependent on the quality of the manufacturing of the products. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of some of the best manufacturers and suppliers of rubber and oil seals in China at the moment.

This lineup of distinguished trading companies is renowned manufacturers and suppliers of oil seals, earning a solid reputation within the local market as well as with worldwide clients. Their expertise and experience in oil seal production yield top-notch oil seal products, ensuring timely delivery and consistently satisfied customers.

Top 10 Rubber Seal Products Manufacturers and Suppliers in China

If you’re in a hurry to pick a silicone or natural rubber oil seal professional manufacturer and supplier, here are our top picks in descending order of quality and proficiency.

PositionCompanyYear EstablishedLocation (City)Employees
1Hongju1999Dongguan50 – 100 
2Huafeng1987Dongguan300 – 400
3Shenlian2001Zhejiang200 – 300
4Jiangyin No. 31984Jiangsu100 – 200
5Bright Rubber2004Zhejiang100 – 200
6Boman Mechanical2010Zhejiang300 – 400
7Source Seal2015Shandong10 – 50
8Zhouxin2016Guangdong50 – 100
9DoKIng 2008Hebei10 – 50
10Senesco Materials2012Shandong100 – 200

Company Summaries

Getting to know a little about any trading company you intend to rely on as your sealing product’s manufacturer and supplier in China is very important. So, we’ll be highlighting the basic information of each professional manufacturer we’ve picked below. We cover everything from when they were founded to what kind of oil seal and rubber products to expect from them.

Dongguan Hongju Silicone Rubber Products Co., Ltd.

Dongguan Hongju Silicone Rubber Products Co Ltd

Hongju is a leading manufacturer and supplier of strict quality control rubber seals and oil seals. They have been in operation since 1999 and their strong technical force is composed of experts who have experience making quality oil seal products that meet the standard of international markets.

Like Huazhong Seal Research Institute, Hongju has a very high profile. These China manufacturers operate out of Dongguan and have made a name for themselves in the local market and among global buyers for offering reasonable prices for the rubber seal, oil seal, gasket, o-ring, and other rubber parts they sell.

The professional and specialized producer of good-great seals also has a well-equipped testing equipment facility that ensures that the silicone rubber parts that leave the trading company have good quality.

Company Merits

  • Suppliers enforce strict quality control.
  • Professional and specialized producer of dust-proof oil seals, o-rings, and other rubber parts.
  • Good reputation in the international market.
  • Reasonable prices.
  • Competent technical force.
  • Top-of-the-line customization solution options.
  • Suppliers support multi-lingual call and e-mail communication.

Major Products and Services

Dongguan City Huafeng Rubber Plastic Products Co., Ltd.

Dongguan City Huafeng Rubber Plastic Products Co Ltd

These manufacturers and suppliers have been catering to the rubber mechanical seal and rubber packing demands of various industries since 1987. This trading company occupies about 12, 000 square meters and manufactures millions of plastics and rubber seal elements and products every year.

The base material they produce is commonly used in auto parts as a joint sealant for auto bearing. Their products have also been used in computers, electronics, tools, and the food processing industry, to mention a few.

These suppliers also have a strong presence in the Middle East and Southeast Asia plastic and oil seal market.

Company Merits

  • Vast experience.
  • Good quality and hi-tech products.
  • Considerable workforce.
  • Well-equipped testing facilities for strict quality control.

Major Products and Services

  • Rubber seals.
  • Oil seals.
  • Auto parts and auto bearing seal.
  • Rubberized foam strip seal.
  • O-rings.
  • Plastic window and door seal.

Ningbo Shenlian Rubber Sealing Elements Co., Ltd.

Ningbo Shenlian Rubber Sealing Elements Co Ltd

Shenlian Seal Co Ltd was founded in Zhejiang Province in 2001. Today, the standard-grade products of this manufacturer and supplier lend themselves readily to any particular application. Their oil seals can be found in everything from water pumps to shock absorbers and oil refining sealants.

With one of the best base component integrated fields and well-equipped testing facilities, these suppliers and manufacturers record millions of products sold on an annual basis. The China-located supplier and manufacturer also have a large workforce. This helps the trading company meet the demand for its products in Southeast Asia, Europe, and the rest of the world.

Company Merits

  • A wide array of quality seal products.
  • Impressive base component integrated fields.
  • Large, well-equipped testing equipment site.
  • High production capability and decent FOB price.

Major Products and Services

  • Mechanical seals.
  • Oil seals.
  • Silicone gaskets.
  • Auto parts seal and reciprocating seals.
  • Square-shaped rubber gasket.

Jiangyin No. 3 Rubber Manufacturer Co., Ltd.

Jiangyin No. 3 Rubber Manufacturer Co Ltd

Jiangyin No.3 is one of the oldest and most prominent manufacturers and suppliers of oil seals in China today. Founded in 1984, this trading company has nearly 4 decades of experience manufacturing quality mechanical seals for automotive and motorcycle parts.

From o-ring and gasket production to silicone oil seals of various shapes and sizes, this manufacturer and supplier have made their 20, 000+ square meters a reliable plant for great products.

However, these China manufacturers and suppliers majorly cater to the oil seal and mechanical seal needs of industries in Western Europe and North America.

Company Merits

  • Good quality product delivery.
  • Large production capacity.
  • Experience and established culture.
  • Reasonable prices.

Major Products and Services

  • Rubber and oil seal material.
  • Rubberized ring flat gasket.
  • High-resistance o-ring.
  • Rubberized mechanical seal.
  • Rubber packing and door seals.
  • Other custom rubberized sealing products.

Hangzhou Bright Rubber Plastic Product Co., Ltd.

Hangzhou Bright Rubber Plastic Product Co Ltd

This company, established in Zhejiang Province of China back in 2004, has become a highly regarded manufacturer and supplier of oil seals, with a robust commitment to the integration of novel processing technologies. Their expertise has enabled them to produce some of the finest oil seal products currently on the market.

This professional manufacturer and supplier have been able to leverage their unique seal compression molding process to produce high-quality mechanical seals and sealing products.

Their well-equipped testing equipment factory ensures the production and distribution of water pumps, rubber gaskets, oil seals, and other sealing parts that meet industry standards.

Company Merits

  • Good oil seal compression molding.
  • Use of various types of raw rubberized seal material for the production process.
  • Fast turnaround.
  • Reasonable prices (FOB price) for oil seals and other sealing goods.

Major Products and Services

  • Oil seals.
  • Mechanical seal rings.
  • Rubber gasket.
  • Silicone oil seal parts.
  • Natural rubber and plastic gear.

Ningbo Boman Mechanical & Technology Co., Ltd.

Ningbo Boman Mechanical & Technology Co Ltd

A manufacturer and supplier with more than ten years of experience, Boman is a major trading company in the industry within and outside of China. The audience they cater to spreads from the local markets in China to the Middle East, Eastern Europe, and South America, giving them a very large coverage area.

The wide range of quality-tested rubber and oil seals, o-rings, x-rings, rubber gaskets, and other plastic and rubber products they manufacture number in the millions annually.

These suppliers have a large workforce led by a proficient R&D team that makes oil seal rubber products and other rubber spare parts that are invaluable in the electronic and automotive space.

Company Merits

  • Multiple production lines.
  • Suppliers have an R&D team that integrates development in oil seal properly.
  • Dedication to rubber parts and seal product perfection.
  • Suppliers have extensive international reach and good FOB prices.

Major Products and Services

  • Oil seals.
  • O-rings seal.
  • Rubber gasket seals.
  • Rubberized balls.
  • Plastics and other spare parts.

Qingdao Source Seal Technology Co., Ltd.

Qingdao Source Seal Technology Co Ltd

Qingdao only started making rubber and oil sealing parts in 2015. While they still have a growing production force, this professional manufacturer and supplier company offers a wide range of products even beyond the oil seal space.

Currently, the China-based company manufactures rubberized sealing rings, and gaskets, and are known supplier of various auto parts like flexitank exhaust valves and repair clamps. At the moment, this seal co ltd company is using its production efforts to serve as suppliers to buyers in locations like Europe and Africa.

Company Merits

  • Fast turnaround for small delivery requests.
  • Major concentration on innovation and technology.
  • Decent product catalog and FOB price.

Major Products and Services

  • Oil seal.
  • Sealing parts.
  • O-rings seal.
  • Flexitank valve and repair clamp.

Foshan Zhouxin Sealing Strip Products Co., Ltd.

Foshan Zhouxin Sealing Strip Products Co Ltd

Another new yet prominent oil seal manufacturer and supplier company in China, Zhouxin is a leading distributor of oil seals and sealing parts at the moment.

Majorly focusing on oil seals and sealing strips, they specialize in making high-end rubberized spare parts solutions that meet specific needs. These manufacturers and suppliers rely on their extensively well-equipped testing facilities to produce high-quality controlled materials.

At the moment, these suppliers almost exclusively provide oil seal products to Europe, North America, and the local markets in China.

Company Merits

  • High-quality oil seal and sealing products.
  • Established transportation and distribution networks in Europe and North America.
  • Reasonable prices (FOB price) for oil seal products.
  • Suppliers possess strong research and development capabilities.

Major Products and Services

  • Rubberized oil seal.
  • Mechanical seal and sealing products spare parts.
  • Fire-resistant seals.
  • Gasket seal material.
  • Functional sealing strip material.

DoKing Industrial Limited, Xingtai City, Hebei Province, China

DoKing Industrial Limited, Xingtai City, Hebei Province, China

Located in Xingtai City, Hebei Province, China, DoKing Industrial Limited is a DoKing Group subsidiary that specializes almost exclusively in auto parts and automotive material production. Because of this, the DoKing plant located in Xingtai City, Hebei Province, manufactures oil seal material in relatively smaller quantities, even though they have more than ten years of experience in the industry.

However, all the oil seals, gaskets, and sealing materials they do produce have very high quality and performance.

Company Merits

  • Leading specialized oil seal material production in Hebei Province.
  • Efficient delivery service for small volume requests.
  • Wide market reach.

Major Products and Services

  • Oil seals.
  • Hydraulic oil seal.
  • Crankshaft seal oil.
  • O-rings.
  • Rubber parts and mechanical seal material.

Qingdao SENESCO Materials Co., Ltd.

Qingdao SENESCO Materials Co Ltd

This company is a major manufacturer and supplier of oil seals and materials based in Shandong. Their facility covers 50, 000 square meters and they record millions of products sold yearly.

This professional manufacturer is solely based on oil seal material production and has a very wide catalog that includes oil seals, rubberized wiring coil, construction rubberized material, rings, and other silicone material parts and products.

Company Merits

  • A large number of oil seal production lines.
  • High investment in rubberized seal material technology research and development.
  • Extensive global reach.
  • A wide array of well-equipped testing facilities.

Major Products and Services

  • Rubberized seal and oil seals.
  • O-rings.
  • Rubber parts and material.
  • Mechanical seal and rubber gasket materials.
  • Construction rubberized seal material.

3 Benefits of Importing Rubber Seal from China

With so many oil seal suppliers and manufacturers around the world, why does it pay to partner with a China-based professional manufacturer and supplier for your seals?

Reasonable Prices

Thanks to the fact that the materials necessary for the production of rubber oil seals and custom oil seal products are more readily available in China, it’s easier for suppliers and manufacturers in the region to offer more reasonable prices (FOB price) for the items you need.

This in turn makes achieving a larger profit margin easier for your company.

Impressive Global Distribution and Delivery Network

As an example, every manufacturer and supplier from China we’ve highlighted has extensive reach in their chosen global markets. This means that your company won’t have to bother too much about the logistics of getting its oil seal shipment to the target destination once you partner with the right seal supplier and manufacturer.

This is easy because most manufacturers and suppliers of seals in China currently build extensive delivery networks so that shipping and prompt product delivery is never a problem.

Superior Quality Products

China has very strict protocols when it comes to exporting oil seal goods. As the oil seals that every major manufacturer and supplier produces have to meet these standards, a buyer can always be confident of getting high-quality merchandise from the region.


The article showcases the top 10 Rubber Seals manufacturers and suppliers in China, emphasizing a careful analysis of each manufacturer’s reputation, quality of work, and customer service when selecting a supplier. It is vital to thoroughly evaluate the capabilities, track record, and ability of each manufacturer to meet requirements before making a purchase decision. Choosing the right Rubber Seals supplier requires careful research, proper analysis, and an understanding of the manufacturer’s values and capabilities.

Looking for Rubber Seals? Hongju Can Help You

As a leading manufacturer of custom rubber seals. Hongju is dedicated to providing our customers with quality silicone rubber products at a reasonable price. Our main products include silicone rubber keypads, rubber o-rings, and grommets. To glimpse our diverse and high-grade product range, visit our products page.

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