Top 10 EPDM O-rings Manufacturers and Suppliers in China(2024)

If you are looking for the 10 best EPDM O-rings manufacturers and suppliers in China, you are in luck.

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In this article, you will learn how to filter out the huge number of manufacturers and suppliers to select the one offering the best products. Moreover, you will also get an overview of the ten EPDM manufacturers in China that offer the best services along with high-quality products.

An Overview Of the EPDM O-rings Industry

EPDM O-rings are made from Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer which is a terpolymer of ethylene and propylene. The purpose of EPDM O-rings is the same as that of other O-rings, i.e., to prevent leakage in joints. It possesses certain features, such as resistance to a wide range of temperatures, acids, alkalis, chemicals, ozone, steam, sunlight, and abrasions.

Nowadays, metal-detectable EPDM O-rings are also available, which is super useful for the food and beverage industries. However, the regular EPDM O-rings are also very useful for a variety of industries, from automobiles to electronics and water systems. 

The EPDM O-rings are one of the hot products that many businesses are opting for instead of traditional rubber seals, which offer no guarantee. Due to this, we have seen a sudden surge in the demand for EPDM O-rings. The sole reason behind this is the unique features of EPDM O-rings that make it a better choice than ordinary seals and O-rings.

Global EPDM Rubber Compound Market Size

Factors To Consider When Choosing an EPDM O-ring Manufacturer

With the rise in demand for EPDM O-rings, many inexperienced companies and suppliers stepped into the manufacturing field, causing chaos among the customers. That’s where we step in. Here are a few things you should consider when choosing an EPDM O-ring manufacturer to make an informed decision.

1. Certifications

Checking the certifications is a valid way to analyze a manufacturer’s legitimacy. Global and national authorities do not provide a certification unless the products are thoroughly tested and fit the rules and regulations of the country. A certified manufacturer means you don’t have to worry about your products being toxic or against the law.

2. Previous Clients

Previous clients can tell you a great deal about a manufacturer, which is often not mentioned on the website. You get to know about customer service, product quality, and several other things that you might not know otherwise. Moreover, by talking to different people, you can also compare the manufacturer’s price with that of other suppliers.

3. Material Compliance

The raw materials used by the manufacturer in EPDM O-rings will determine how long they will last. It is not necessary that a certain type of EPDM O-ring might last the same amount of time in different conditions. The EPDM O-rings ‘ life might fluctuate based on the temperature, chemical exposure, and stress conditions.

4. Technology and Technique

The technology used by the manufacturer in preparing EPDM O-rings also plays a major role in the product’s overall performance. O-rings made with advanced machinery are often better due to precise cutting and perfect molding. 

Top 10 EPDM O-ring Manufacturers in China

Are you still worried about choosing the right manufacturer? Don’t worry, as we have your back. Here is a list of the best EPDM O-ring manufacturers and suppliers in China, according to their services, product quality, and experience.

PositionCompany NameYear FoundedLocation (City)Employ Size
3Jiuhong Seal2006Shenzhen150+
7Hongsen Shengshi2022Xiamen100-150
8Unique SealN/ANingbo150-200
10Xiongqi Seal1997Shanghai50-100

1. Hongju Silicone Co, Ltd.

Hongju Silicone Co, Ltd.

Hongju Silicone, a professional manufacturer of rubber products located on the outskirts of the Dongguan city of China, dates back to 1999. During the last two and a half decades, Hongju made its reputation as a top supplier of premium quality rubber and silicone products. Manufacturing and supplying EPDM O-rings in massive quantities is one of its many benefits.

With an employee range of 50-200, Hongju Silicone is well-equipped with a team of experienced professionals who not only offer manufacturing services but also help you design a new product. This means that they offer customized product manufacturing services and can take a printout of the product from your mind (this might take some time).

When it comes to reasonable pricing, Hongju is far ahead of its competitors. The company holds a reputation for offering the most premium products at the most reasonable prices. Apart from that, you can get a product ready as soon as a few days, depending on your unique requirements. They also have a relatively low MOQ, which means you can also order fewer products.


  • Offers Low MOQ
  • Fast production
  • Uses advanced technology
  • Reasonable Prices
  • Offers both OEM and ODM services


  • Customized orders may take extra time
  • You might suffer the delivery costs
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2. Fuzhou Fuqiang Precision Co., Ltd.

 Fuzhou Fuqiang Precision Co., Ltd.

Fuqiang Precision is the second-best OPDM O-ring manufacturer on our list. The company holds a positive reputation for its precision cutting and quality product manufacturing. Established in 2005, the company now has seven bases in various cities in China with more than 400 active workers who are well-known for their expertise and professionalism. 

Fuqiang entity is a brand, that enjoys its popularity among the people and collaborates with different engineering universities and research studies to improve its overall services. They have 3 EPDM sheet docking machines with many employees working on them to ensure quick deliveries of the products.

Other equipment at the company include 16 EPDM joint machines, 5 EPDM extrusion lines, and scores of other advanced machinery. Moreover, the company also has ISO 14001:2015, ISO 45001: 2018, and IATF 16949:2016 certifications. Overall, Fuqiang has a good reputation among rubber manufacturers in China and even globally.


  • Possess several certifications from international authorities
  • Advanced Machinery
  • Expert and professional employees
  • Premium products
  • Competitive price


  • You have to negotiate for a reasonable price
  • Design services might not be available at times

3. Shenzhen Jiuhong Century Seal Technology Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Jiuhong Century Seal Technology Co., Ltd.

Jiuhong Century Seal Technology Co., Ltd. is a rubber product manufacturing factory that started in 2006 in Shenzhen, China. The company claims to have experienced professionals for a variety of tasks, from customer management to quality control and product design. Most of the professionals have 20+ years of experience in the industry, ensuring that you don’t have to worry about the quality of your products.

Jiuhong Seals manufactures a wide range of rubber products that can be used in various industries, such as the automotive industry, chemical industry, electronic equipment, industrial machinery, medical equipment, gearbox maintenance, pipelines, valve cores, etc.

When it comes to setting standards, you can’t beat Jiuhong Seals. They have standard O-ring molds for various regions, such as America (AS-568), Germany (DIN 3771), and Japan (JIS B 2401). Moreover, they also offer a wider range of O-ring molds in non-standard sizes to meet global demands.


  • Affordable prices
  • High-quality products
  • Expert Staff
  • Advanced technology machines


  • Not much reputable
  • International orders might take time to process

4. Dongguan Lanhe Electronics Co., Ltd.

Dongguan Lanhe Electronics Co., Ltd.

Lanhe Electronics, unlike its name, focuses on manufacturing rubber seals, gaskets, and O-rings. The company is well known for its fast services, thanks to the dedicated and experienced staff of more than 100 professionals. Moreover, they have an inventory of almost 1 million standard O-rings, so you don’t have to worry about storing your products.

The company holds several certifications, including ISO 9001, ISO 14001, IATF16949, QC 080000, and GMP. Moreover, they have trade deals throughout the globe with companies in countries like North America, Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Oceania, and Southeast Asia. They also offer OEM and ODM services, along with a focus on R&D. 


  • Fast Services
  • Accepts OEM and ODM orders
  • Massive inventory
  • Low MOQ
  • Standard and nonstandard size O-rings are available


  • International delivery might cost additional delivery charges
  • Prices might be a bit expensive for some people

5. Xingtai Kenuo Rubber Products Co., Ltd.

 Xingtai Kenuo Rubber Products Co., Ltd.

Kenuo is also a well-known EPDM O-ring manufacturer from China. The company aims for consistent improvisation and hence spends a good percentage of its income on research and development. Moreover, they have the most advanced machinery and experienced professionals operating these machines.

Kenuo has had a good time in the industry so far and has now gained a very valuable tip for a successful business, i.e., good customer support. Maintaining consistency in the quality of their products helps them foster relations with other companies. Moreover, they offer a wide range of products that include EPDM O-rings, rubber seals, gaskets, grommets, etc.


  • Excellent customer support
  • Focuses on research and development
  • High-quality EPDM O-rings
  • Advanced Machinery


  • You must compare the prices with other manufacturers
  • Not a very extensive product catalog

6. Tianjin Swks Technology & Development Co., Ltd.

Tianjin Swks Technology & Development Co., Ltd.

SWKS is the sixth-best company on our list because it strictly follows the quality control measures set by the expert team at SWKS. The company claims to test each batch of products by exposing it to extreme conditions. Moreover, they also believe in consistent improvement and hence pay special attention to computerized machines and plants.

At SWKS, the customer is the epicenter of their thinking and actions. They believe in long-term relationships with their customers and prove this statement by offering exceptional customer support throughout the process. 

SWKS offers a wide range of products that include O-rings, hydraulic seals, PU seals, radial shaft seals, oil seals, nonstandard rubber seals, rubber-to-metal bonded parts, reinforced fabric seals, and rubber shock absorbers.


  • A wide range of products
  • Strict quality control measures
  • Advanced Machinery


  • Not a lot of industry experience
  • Delivery might be a time-consuming process

7. Xiamen Hongsen Shengshi Technology Co., Ltd.

Xiamen Hongsen Shengshi Technology Co., Ltd.

Hongsen Shengshi is a rising star in the industry of O-ring manufacturers, and in a short time of just two years, it has made it to the top ten list. The company offers quality assurance on all its products and hence successfully earns the trust of its clients.

Moreover, the experienced staff at the company is always on a quest to find a better alternative to every product, which has resulted in a rise in the technology and development sector. They also offer vigorous testing of all the products before delivery. Whether you want a standard-size EPDM O-ring, seal, gasket, or any non-standard seal, they have it already.


  • Vigorous testing of the products
  • Wide range of products
  • Expert technical assistance


  • Costs might be higher than expected
  • Less industry experience

8. Ningbo Unique Seal Technology Co., Ltd.

Ningbo Unique Seal Technology Co., Ltd.

Unique Seals is one of those few O-ring manufacturers from China who have gained a positive reputation internationally. Whether it’s a simple rubber seal or an EPDM O-ring, Unique Seal offers it to you with a unique design that is more effective and reasonable.

The managers at the company believe in excellence through innovation, and for this, the company is investing a handsome amount of its income in the development sector. The expert team at Unique Seal offers exceptional technical support and guidance.


  • Offers exceptional customer service
  • Focuses on Innovation 
  • Quality products
  • ISO Certified


  • The website does not contain much information
  • The site is not secured

9. Longrun Rubber Products Co., Ltd

 Longrun Rubber Products Co., Ltd

Longrun Rubber Products is a well-established company, founded in 2004 with over 150 employees working seamlessly to offer you the best services possible. The company has experience in manufacturing a wide range of products including rubber gaskets, bushings, bumpers, grommets, seals, rubber bonded to metals, silicone tubes and pipes, etc.

Longrun has worked with several car companies and has ISO ISO9001:2008 & TS16949 certifications. You can have a sample product for free and then an average of 15 working days to prepare your order. Moreover, the company also offers OEM and ODM services.


  • Low MOQ
  • ISO Certified
  • Offers OEM and ODM services


  • Relatively expensive
  • It might take up to 20 days for the delivery

10. Shanghai Xiongqi Seal Parts Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Xiongqi Seal Parts Co., Ltd.

Xiongqi Seal is the last, but not the least, manufacturer on our list. However, the services and the product quality are exceptional. Xiongqi offers a variety of products that include EPDM rubber strips, PA66GF nylon heat insulation strips, silicone strips, thermoplastic elastic body strips, rigid PVC heat insulation strips, etc.

The company uses advanced equipment to manufacture and process different products and has ISO9001:2008 and CE certifications. Moreover, the team at Xiongqi strives for efficiency and excellence, which are the basis for their success.


  • Offers customized products
  • Professional staff
  • Offers a wide range of products
  • ISO Certified


  • Delivery might take time
  • Compare the prices with other manufacturers

Final Thoughts

After reading this far, finding the right EPDM O-ring manufacturer should not be a problem anymore. However, if you are still not satisfied and want to indulge yourself in the rigorous process of research (which is good), you can get help from the tips mentioned at the very beginning of this article. Make sure you analyze the manufacturer from different perspectives before finalizing a deal.

Get Top-Of-The-Line Products From Hongju

Hongju Silicone has been in the industry for more than two decades and has the experience and machinery for your project needs. It offers a wide range of products, from EPDM O-rings to Viton seals and Silicone gaskets. Don’t worry if you are confused about the product you need. Talk to the technical expert at Hongju Silicone for professional guidance.

PositionCompany NameYear FoundedLocation (City)Employ Size
3Jiuhong Seal2006Shenzhen150+
7Hongsen Shengshi2022Xiamen100-150
8Unique SealN/ANingbo150-200
10Xiongqi Seal1997Shanghai50-100


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