Upgrade Your Dining Experience with Silicone Placemats

Upgrading your dining experience with silicone placemats is more than just the looks. While silicone does offer design and styling versatility, it comes with other prominent benefits for the dining table.

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For instance, apart from looking chic on the table, silicone placemats are easy to clean and have the resistance to handle high-temperature food. Let’sLet’s thoroughly discuss how you can upgrade your dining experience with silicone placemats!

What are Silicone Placemats?

Silicone placemats are highly popular placemats made from premium quality silicone. They have all the good characteristics of top-quality silicone rubber, including highly flexible and durable properties. Moreover, silicone placemats are a great alternative to plastic and rubber placemats. They handle heat well and require minimal maintenance.

cute placemat and utensils

Moreover, manufacturers use food-grade silicone for these placemats. That makes them 100% non-toxic, allowing people to enjoy food without any worries. Hence, the added safety of silicone works as a positive selling factor. Additionally, you can easily avoid stains on the table which kids often leave by spilling meals.

Also, silicone placemats are highly customizable. You can get them in any shape, size, color, and style. Just make sure you communicate all the requirements to the manufacturer properly. Once done, the manufacturer provides placemats that go with your décor and overall vibe.

Benefits of Silicone Placemats

Silicone placemats have earned a lot of popularity for their benefits. Let’sLet’s look at the top five benefits of silicone placemats:

dark grey silicone placemats
  1. Chic: yes, silicone placemats are more stylish than other types. They can completely change the look of the dining or coffee tables with the right style, color, and size. Also, the customization allows you to add a personal touch to the overall design.
  2. Low Maintenance: silicone placemat requires little to no maintenance. After using them for once, you can simply wipe them off with a damp cloth or rinse them with warm soapy water, and they will be ready for your next dinner. Occasionally wash them up, but you will only need to do that if you don’t regularly wipe them, and food particles accumulate over time, and it won’t be as easy to clean.
  3. Long-Lasting: silicone is a highly durable material. It has a long life thanks to its incredible properties. As a result, your silicone placemat becomes a one-time investment that can last for years with the right care protecting your table from spills.
  4. Heat Resistance: the dinner table always has hot food. Sometimes we even end up spilling some on the placemats. However, silicone placemat is heat resistant. This means they can handle hot food and hot dishes/plates well. This ensures that the hot food or dishes don’tdon’t damage your dining table.
  5. Non-Slip: nobody likes when the food tray slips over, and everything is ruined. With silicone placemats, you can avoid that, thanks to their non-slippery nature. Whether you have a wooden or glass dining table, silicone placemat sticks to it unless pulled off with minimal effort. Hence, it makes sure the food stays where you intend it to stay without slipping off.

Silicone Placemat Compared to Other Placemats

When you go out shopping for placemats, you will find them in a variety of materials. These range from fabric placemats paper placemats, and the most popular silicone placemats. But what’s so good about them? Let’s have a brief comparison to give you an idea:

  • Plastic Placemats: Plastic placemats are protective mats made from plastic that you can use to protect a table or counter from spills and other liquids. They come in different sizes and shapes, but some can handle heat well. Although plastic placemats might be more expensive than silicone mats and have a shorter lifespan, they are still a popular choice among many households.
Plastic Placemats
  • Rubber Placemats: Additionally, rubber placemats are resistant to heat and offer a non-slip surface. However, they may be pricier than silicone placemats and require more maintenance due to their tendency to retain stains from food and other materials. Another drawback to rubber placemats is that they are more limited in style and design compared to silicone mats.
Rubber Placemats
  • Fabric Placemats: Fabric placemats offer a wide variety of styles, colors, and patterns to choose from. They may not be as heat resistant as silicone or rubber, resulting in a shorter lifespan. Furthermore, fabric placemats are generally more difficult to clean than silicone or rubber placemats, as they may absorb stains and liquids more easily.
Fabric Placemats

Hence, silicone is far ahead compared to other traditional types of placemats. Its ease of use, maintenance, and versatility offers an incredible dining experience.

How to Choose the Right Silicone Placemat for Your Dining Table

Whenever you go out shopping for silicone placemats, you must consider the following factors: size, color, and style. But how do you decide what size, color, and style to get? Here are some tips to help you make the decision: 

blue silicone placemat on white table


Starting with color, make sure you get a color contrasting with your dining or coffee tables. For instance, darker silicone placemats will look good on dark wooden tables. Similarly, a white placemat can complement a light wood table.


To decide on the size of your silicone placemats, the first step is to measure the dimensions of your dining table. By knowing the size, you can then decide whether you want a single circular placemat or several smaller ones. We recommend going for a circular placemat if you want a single, large mat to cover your entire table. Alternatively, you may consider an oval or square shape if you prefer multiple placemats for a more versatile table setup.


It is also essential to consider the shape of the table when selecting your placemats. For instance, it is generally more visually appealing to have square placemats on a round table, rather than round placemats. This is because the contrast in shapes creates a more aesthetically pleasing and balanced appearance.

Tips for Incorporating Silicone Placemats into Your Daily Routine

Want to make the most out of your silicone placemat? Here are four ways to utilize them to their full potential:

black and silver textured silicone placemat
  1. Regular Cleaning: even though silicone placemat is super easy to clean, make sure you do it after every use. A quick wipe-down with a cloth ensures that your silicone placemat retains its good looks for a long time. You can also clean them with a rinse in a dishwasher.
  2. Go For Non-Slippry: make sure to look for a silicone placemat that has a non-slip base. This helps keep the dishes in their place and avoid unnecessary food spills.
  3. Always Use It: whether it’s a breakfast meal, lunch meal, or dinner meal, make sure to use the placemat for every mealtime. In this way, you will be able to protect your table fully.
  4. Get Creative: add some personal style to your placemat. This can come in handy when you have guests or friends coming over. It leaves a good impression and makes your food look good on the table as well.

Don’t Do These to Your Silicone Placemats

While we have shared some tips to utilize silicone placemats fully, there are some things that you must avoid. For instance, don’t use harsh chemicals to clean your placemat. This can damage the silicone material and even shorten its life over time.

Moreover, make sure you don’tdon’t store silicone placemats in moist and hot places. Overexposure to moisture and high heat can also damage the material and its design.


Silicone placemats are a great accessory to any table. Silicone placemats can do it for you if you have a taste for style and personalization.

Their heat resistance, easy maintenance, versatility, and non-slip base make them an excellent alternative to traditional fabric and plastic placemats. Also, it is just a simple and easy way to style up your food table without doing much.

Get Personalized Silicone Placemat From Hongju

At Hongju, we realize the importance of the individual. Like your uniqueness, our design team also realizes our customers’ unique needs. Hence, we offer fully customizable silicone rubber products to help your business succeed in any market.

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