Top 10 Rubber Diaphragm Manufacturers and Suppliers in China (2023)

Have you been searching for the best rubber diaphragm manufacturers and suppliers in China? Your search is over because in this post we will introduce you to China’s top 10 options. Different sectors can benefit from rubber diaphragms obtained from these manufacturers and suppliers, including automobile, pharma, mining, and more. Read on to find out more!    

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What are Rubber Diaphragms?

Rubber diaphragms are flexible rubbery parts that are used as barriers between two chambers. These rubber products prevent the movement of contaminants or fluids from one chamber to another. They are usually available in the form of dynamic or static rubber seals.

Several categories of rubber diaphragms serve different functions, including rolling, flat, and dish-shaped diaphragms. A rolling diaphragm is the most unique option because it only has pressure on the molding side. Rolling diaphragms are designed according to the specifications of the customers. The most popular rubber diaphragm materials used by different manufacturers are fabric, compound rubbers, and compound rubber paste.   

Top Rubber Diaphragm Manufacturers and Suppliers in China

The following table contains important information on the top 10 rubber diaphragm manufacturers in China. We have ranked the manufacturers based on their annual estimated revenues. Additional details on each company’s year of establishment, headquarters location, and employee size are also included.

PositionCompany NameYear EstablishedLocationEmployee
1Hongju Silicone1999Dongguan50-100
2Kingsun Sealing1995Shanghai51-100
3Hagoin China 1998Qingdao 38-100
4Lele Rubber2010Haining11to50
5Doit Rubber2011Dongguan101-200
6City Rubber1993Lil’An51-100
7Xinhaiwang Tech2008Shenzhen101-200
8Wanfeng Rubber1997Wuxi201-500
9General Sealtech1998Hangzhou11to50
10Julong Rubber1995Ningbo100-249

Company Summaries

In this section, we will introduce you to each company. You will know their brief history, capabilities, main products, and key advantages.

Dongguan Hongju Silicone Rubber Products Co., Ltd.

Hongju Silicone

Company Information

Brand Name: Hongju Silicone


Location: Dongguan

Year Established: 1999

Employee Size: 50-100

Hongju Silicone is a leading rubber diaphragm manufacturer in China. The company was established in 1999 and has its headquarters in Dongguan. The strong reputation of this manufacturer has been built on the company’s ability to provide its valued customers with highly effective manufacturing, engineering, and designing solutions. The brand’s state-of-the-art technology and highly experienced personnel manufacture premium products. Guaranteeing reliable service, credible quality, and timely supply, the products from this company sell exceptionally well in both overseas and domestic markets.

Company Advantage

  • Strict quality control
  • Technical understanding of rubber-molded diaphragms
  • Competitive price options based on volumes
  • No compromise in quality at any manufacturing stage
  • Timely deliveries and product traceability

Main Products & Services

Shanghai King Sun Sealing Technology Co., Ltd.

King Sun Sealing

Company Information

Brand Name: King Sun Sealing

Location: Shanghai

Year Established: 1995

Employee Size: 51-100

King Sun Sealing was founded in 1995 and became one of the major manufacturers of rubber molded products. This manufacturer has its main factory in Dongchen Industrial Park in Shanghai. The firm is one of the main suppliers of rubber seals & diaphragms, flat diaphragms, rubber caps, rolling diaphragms, and other products.

With a strong emphasis on high-quality products and superior customer relationships, King Sun Sealing is effectively able to provide solutions for many industries. The products produced by this business are widely used used in pipeline valves, vehicle auto parts, LPG regulators, high-tech electronic products, and automatic instruments.

Company Advantage

  • Custom products made to your specifications
  • Trained staff that can help with material selection
  • Uses advanced refining technology
  • Considered an excellent supplier by many global enterprises

Main Products & Services

  • Rubber plate diaphragm
  • EPDM rubber grommets
  • Rubber cap
  • Flat diaphragm
  • Rubber cloth
  • Molded industrial parts
  • Rubber and metal bonding

Qingdao Hagoin Rubber and Plastic Products Co., Ltd.

Hagoin China

Company Information

Brand Name: Hagoin China

Location: Qingdao

Year Established: 1998

Employee Size: 38

Originally established in 1998, Hagoin China has been one of the best companies in the trading business of rubber parts. Its headquarters and main factory are in Qingdao. The firm is devoted to producing good quality rubber, metal, and plastic parts for both oversea and domestic customers. Their products are widely used in building, automotive, aerospace, agriculture, industrial and more.

Company Advantage

  • High-quality rubber and plastic parts
  • Focuses on satisfying service and qualified products  
  • Covers a significant percentage of Chinese suppliers
  • Meets great demands on international markets
  • Has advanced test equipment  

Main Products & Services

  • Custom-rubber products
  • Plastic products
  • Rolling and flat diaphragm
  • Custom rubber seal
  • Oil Viton product

Haining Lele Rubber Product Factory

Lele Rubber

Company Information

Brand Name: Lele Rubber

Location: Haining

Year Established: 2010

Employee Size: 11-50

Haining Lele Rubber Product Factory was founded in 2010. It’s one of the best companies that manufacture rubber seals, diaphragms, and O rings among other products. This manufacturer customizes products to meet specific customer demands. It uses various rubbers like NBR, HNBR, SL, and NR to manufacture high-quality parts. This firm is also all about honest business, mutual benefit, and fairness.

Company Advantage

  • Vast range of parts
  • Meets specific customer requirements
  • Preferential prices for old and new clients
  • A reliable domestic and oversea supplier

Main Products & Services

  • Silicone products
  • Rubber parts
  • Grommet
  • Seal and valve

Dongguan Doit Rubber Products Co., Ltd.

Doit Rubber

Company Information

Brand Name: Doit Rubber

Location: Dongguan

Year Established: 2011

Employee Size: 101-200

For more than 10 years, Doit Rubber has provided solutions for industrial applications to many domestic and international clients. It has extensive experience in material formula application and mold design. Doit Rubber also has a well-equipped factory in Dongguan for producing parts locally. Not to mention that the firm has a wide-ranging stock of non-standard and standard parts, including diaphragms, valves, seals, and O-rings.

Company Advantage

  • Experienced in custom manufacturing
  • Good quality control
  • Customer relationship management
  • Competitive prices
  • Punctual delivery

Main Products & Services

  • ODM and OEM rubber parts
  • Custom diaphragm
  • Custom seal and O-ring
  • One way valve
  • Gasket and grommet   

Lin’An City Rubber Diaphragm Factory

Lil'An City Rubber

Company Information

Brand Name: City Rubber

Location: Lin’An

Year Established: 1993

Employee Size: 51-100

With over two decades in the industry, Lin’An City Rubber is a well-established factory in the industry. The firm is specialized in the production of a diaphragm pump, fabric-reinforced diaphragm, valve diaphragm, and replacement diaphragm among other parts. The factory is equipped with high automation production equipment and highly experienced personnel. Moreover, this manufacturer can produce parts according to your style and design samples.

Company Advantage

  • Creates finished products with attributes
  • Uses materials that are unique to your specifications
  • High automatization production equipment
  • Highly dedicated and experienced engineers

Main Products & Services

  • Diaphragm rubber
  • Diaphragm pump
  • Rubber membrane
  • Fabric reinforced diaphragms
  • Valve diaphragm
  • LPG valve       

Shenzhen Xinhaiwang Technology Co., Ltd.

Xinhaiwang Technology

Company Information

Brand Name: Xinhaiwang Technology

Location: Shenzhen

Year Established: 2008

Employee Size: 101-200

Xinhaiwang Technology has over 10 years of experience in the production of rubber custom parts, including rubber valve diaphragms, pumps, rubber gaskets, and more. This manufacturer has a properly equipped factory with over 100 employees located in Shenzhen City. The team works extremely hard to meet and maintain the highest quality standards set by customers both locally and internationally.

Company Advantage

  • Dedicated team of employees
  • Sets the highest quality standards
  • High-quality custom parts
  • Good customer service     

Main Products & Services

  • Reinforced diaphragms
  • Rubber keypad
  • Liquid silicone product
  • Pumps
  • EPDM rubber sheet gaskets

Wuxi Wanfeng Rubber Factory

Wanfeng Rubber

Company Information

Brand Name: Wanfeng Rubber

Location: Wuxi

Year Established: 1997

Employee Size: 201-500

Wanfeng Rubber is a custom manufacturer of rubber components. The firm launched its business operations in 1997. They pride themselves on their expertise in air brake diaphragm and rubber custom parts manufacturing. In addition to fast lead time and competitive pricing, Wanfeng Rubber also has a good reputation for providing cost-saving solutions for the custom rubber components market. Also, the company’s unique development of in-rubber compound design meets the specific requirements of most clients.   

Company Advantage

  • Serves a wide variety of industries
  • Specialized in custom rubber components
  • Has streamlined logistics and technical expertise

Main Products & Services

  • Air brake diaphragm
  • Rubber diaphragm
  • Reclaimed rubber

General Sealtech Limited

General Sealtech Limited

Company Information

Brand Name: General Sealtech

Location: Hangzhou

Year Established: 1998

Employee Size: 11-50

General Sealtech is a Chinese factory with over 20 years of experience in rubber diaphragm manufacturing. It’s all about quality at General Sealtech Limited. With their state-of-the-art industrial facilities, the firm’s products are produced to the highest industry standards. The diaphragms manufactured by this company are widely used in different sectors like automobile, mining, cement, and more. The diaphragms are also available in different materials, including neoprene, EPDM, and silicone.

Company Advantage

  • Specialized in custom molded products
  • Reliable supplier of fabric-reinforced diaphragms
  • Serves a diversity of local and overseas markets

Main Products & Services

  • Rubber diaphragm
  • Fabric reinforced diaphragm
  • Pulse valve diaphragm

Ningbo Julong Rubber Plastic & Mechanical Electro Co., Ltd.

Ningbo Julong Rubber Plastic & Mechanical Electro Co., Ltd.

Company Information

Brand Name: Julong Rubber and Plastic

Location: Ningbo

Year Established: 1995

Employee Size: 100-249

Julong Rubber and Plastic is another well-known manufacturer of rubber diaphragms in China. Since its establishment in 1995, Julong Rubber and Plastic continuously sought development prospects, and, nowadays, has a global presence. This corporation is certified by ISO and ROHS. The company also works to build customer trust in its unique products and services.   

Company Advantage

  • Certified by ISO and ROHS
  • Promotes environmentally friendly manufacturing
  • Serves a wide range of industries

Main Products & Services

  • Rubber diaphragm
  • Rubber gasket
  • Rubber grommet
  • Silicone rubber components

3 Benefits of Importing Rubber and Plastic Products from China

Here are the top five reasons why you should import rubber diaphragms from China:

Free Trade Zones

One of the biggest benefits of importing rubber and plastic products from China is the availability of free trade zones. The special economic zones offered by China allow businesses to import from the country without direct intervention from customs.

Cheaper Prices

Importing from China is significantly cheaper compared to other countries in the region. This consideration includes product costs as well as overhead costs. The lower cost of rubber and plastic products can help different companies save money for their e-commerce business.   

Increase Profitability of Retail Business

Importing rubber and plastic products like diaphragms from China is a reliable way for a business to boost its profitability. This is so because manufacturers and suppliers from China provide low-risk products.


In conclusion, the rubber diaphragm is a critical component in a wide range of applications, from fluid control systems to industrial equipment.

To choose the correct provider, readers should conduct extensive research, evaluate the products and services, and assess the manufacturer’s reputation before making a purchase decision.

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