6 Reasons to Choose Recycled Plastic for Your Product

Do you know that using recycled plastic for your products can help you expand your business in several ways? The havoc caused by imperishable and everlasting plastics has forced people to think about the safety of their future. 

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According to research, 91% of the plastic used to make different products is not recycled and ends up in landfills or water bodies. Most companies are going green with their recycled or recyclable plastic products to play their role in preserving the planet Earth. 

In this article, we will state 6 reasons to choose recycled plastic for your product to play your part in the go-green campaign while benefitting your business.

Environmental Impact Reduction

Plastic bottle

The colossal quantity of waste generated by humans has detrimental consequences on the environment. Whether it is climate change or the effects on flora and fauna, plastic waste is playing a role in the loop somewhere. So, instead of adding more to the misery, why not use recycled plastic and play a crucial role in the reduction of the environmental impact of plastic waste?

The process of plastic manufacturing involves the burning of fossil fuels, which directly adds to the already polluted air. Burning fuels releases greenhouse gases, which have a direct impact on our ecosystem. By using recycled plastic instead of manufacturing new plastic from scratch, you can greatly reduce the emission of greenhouse gases.

Besides reducing the emission of greenhouse gases, recycling plastic waste can also help preserve natural resources used in the production of new plastic. Moreover, the raw material needed for the production of new plastic is often available far from the factories, which requires long-distance transportation. By using recycled materials, you can also reduce your company’s carbon footprint as you will avoid additional transport charges.

Supporting Waste Management Efforts

The real struggle is for the waste management organizations. Plastic is non-biodegradable and can take hundreds of years to decompose. Moreover, you can not incinerate it because of the emission of deadly greenhouse gases polluting the already polluted air. Besides, you can not dispose of it in the sea or ocean as it will affect the animals and plants living there.

Waste Management

Another major problem of plastic waste is that it fills the land, which is becoming very crucial for us in the context of the rising population. A landfill space means that the area will be used for dumping waste plastic and can no longer be used for irrigation or housing. A study states that by recycling one ton of vinyl, you can save up to 7.4 cubic meters of area.

The only possible solution for managing plastic waste is recycling it. By using recycled plastic for your products, you can play an active part in supporting the government’s waste management efforts, which will also prove fruitful for your business. There are a lot of companies out there offering innovative solutions for recycling plastic. Hongju Silicone offers the production of plastic alternative products that can be recycled easily at a cheaper cost. 

Enhancing Brand Image and Market Appeal

Nowadays, most companies are going green with their products and processes to add a psychological impact on the consumers, as if they are also playing a part in preserving the environment. For example, companies like Amazon, Google, and Apple are following different approaches to reduce their overall carbon footprint and benefit the environment through innovative solutions.

Green marketing

Taking a strict approach to contribute to the environment with the use of eco-friendly materials and products can boost your business’s growth. Such an approach will deliver a strong message to the consumers or stakeholders who are conscious of a safe and healthy environment. Having a clear vision of your company that positively contributes to the environment will significantly attract people and stakeholders.

With increased literacy rates even in third-world countries, people are now becoming conscious of protecting their environment from the harmful impacts of plastic. Acquiring a unique approach, such as using recycled plastic for all your products, can greatly impact your business in such a critical situation. Another approach is to use thermoformed packaging for your products, as it also involves the recycling of plastic to make sustainable packaging for new products.

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Most people think of plastic recycling as a tedious and complex process, and they are right. Recycling plastic can sometimes be a challenging procedure as not every type of plastic can be recycled. However, assuming that recycling plastic will also increase your initial costs is not correct. You must be wondering how the process can be cost-effective if it is complex.

plastic recycling

The production of new plastic involves the use of several raw materials which are transported from different parts of the world. The fuel used for transportation makes a great difference. On the other hand, transportation of recycled plastic is often at smaller distances as many companies are offering it these days.

Similarly, the production of new plastic requires a lot of energy, and this is obtained by burning fossil fuels. On the contrary, recycling plastic does not require much energy, and hence, we can save both fossil resources and our initial costs. Moreover, by avoiding the incineration of fossil fuels in the process of manufacturing virgin plastic, you can also reduce CO2 emissions into the environment.

Innovation and Versatility

The advancements in science and technology paved the way for innovation in every field, including plastic production and recycling. So, the plastic bottles or containers that were once used and thrown away to become plastic waste are now refilled. Companies like Unilever are offering refills for various products, from soaps to sauces, which greatly reduces the production of new plastic bottles while utilizing the already manufactured bottles.

plastic bottles

Though refilling bottles does not recycle plastic, it plays a role in reducing plastic waste. Some companies follow the circular economy approach. According to this approach, they do not keep on manufacturing new plastic products but use the already available plastic for this purpose. This technique keeps the plastic in a circular loop as it is used for various purposes, one after the other, not allowing it to get out into the environment.

Moreover, people love innovative ideas, especially when such ideas also align with their interests. So, recycling plastic with advanced technology, such as one available at Hongju Silicone, is an innovative idea that most people appreciate. Moreover, recycling plastics offers versatility as you can mold such plastics into any form, such as product packaging or disposable cutlery. 

Regulatory Compliance and Incentives

Regulatory Compliance

The world is taking a sharp turn as climate change is affecting the people. Most people are taking it seriously, and some governments have even started taking action to reduce the impacts of human activities on the environment. The first and foremost problem that every government wants to get rid of is waste management, especially plastic waste.

Suppose your company or business is already focusing on sustainability by using recycled plastic and not contributing to the world’s waste. In that case, you might get appreciation from the government, which will also prove fruitful in boosting your overall sales. Some governments are taking strict actions against businesses or individuals who are posing a serious threat to a sustainable life in the future.

Setting your company’s standards according to the upcoming or future regulations will prove very helpful at times when other companies will be struggling with their non-compliance with the regulations. Similarly, you can also save yourself from the extra fine imposed by the governments on companies for non-compliance with national regulations. 

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Almost 9 percent of the plastic is recycled, with 300 tons of plastic waste produced each year. Studies show that almost 2 million plastic bags are used every minute, which are then thrown away after 13 minutes (on average) as plastic waste. The situation will worsen in the next few years if actions are not taken. 

Governments are already taking measures to control waste through various techniques. Companies and businesses are also adopting sustainable approaches to play their part alongside the governments. Equip your business with a vision of using recycled plastic products and making a positive impact on the ecosystem. 

Reduce Plastic Waste With Hongju 

Do you want to make your business stand out of the crowd? Hongju Silicone offers injection molding and compression molding techniques to manufacture new products while reducing plastic pollution. The experts at Hongju Silicone are well aware of the detrimental consequences of plastic waste, so we are taking a stand for it. We use plastic thermoforming to make plastic packaging by using recycled plastic.

Apart from our services, the team at Hongju has some mind-blowing ideas that will surely give an extra boost to your business. Contact us today!

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